Product Review & Recipe: Digikook Rice Cooker & Steamer 1800ml

IFBA and Borosil sent me an amazing rice cooker and asked me to give it a try and write about it. I have never really used a rice cooker before and I was quite excited to see how the end product would turn out.
It’s been 2 weeks since I have been using it and I  can very happily say that this product has become an irreplaceable part of my kitchen. I cook my rice in this Borosil Digi Kook Rice Cooker and I’m always very happy that the rice is fluffy and perfectly cooked.
This rice cooker very chic and stylish. There are days when I get busy with my writing and can’t worry about cooking. I just stick some ingredients in it and the end result always surprises me. The best part is that once the rice gets cooked this cooker switches to the ‘Keep Warm’ mode. My food is always warm when I want to consume it. I love how intelligent this machine is.

It isn’t just a rice cooker though, I use it to steam my yoghurt, vegetables, dumplings and pudding. I even used it to make a delicious biryani. This product is apt not just for busy people but for housewives too. It makes life just that much simple.
In this blog post I’m sharing a biryani recipe made using this rice cooker. The preparation is very popular in my family and is usually cooked on dum.
Before I share the recipe and method, here’s some details on the features of the Borosil’s Digi Kook Rice Cooker.

Digikook Rice Cooker & Steamer 1800ml

• Specification – 650W, 1.8L capacity
• Indian Auto Cooking Functions
• 15 hours pre set timer.
• Steam tray, serving spatula, measuring cup and non stick cooking pot included.
• ‘Keep Warm Function’ retains nutrition of rice fresh for 12hrs
• Easy-to-clean Non stick inner pot
• Dishwasher safe inner pot
• Spill over prevention vent
• Detachable power cord for convenient storage
• After sales home service
Available on: and also at all leading retail outlets.
Price: INR 3861/-

Recipe: Digikook Biryani 
Rice – 2 cups
Ginger – 5 grams julliens
Garlic – 10 grams chopped
Chillies – 2 chopped
Onions – 2 thinly sliced (for garnishing)
Ghee – 2 tablespoons
Saffron – 1 gram
Cream – 100 grams
Paneer – 100 grams
Carrots – 50 grams
Peas – 50 grams
Beans – 50 grams
Salt – T0 taste
Biryani Masala – 1 tablespoon
Vegetable/Chicken Stock – 1 cup
Cook the garlic, paneer, beans, carrots and peas in ghee and add salt to taste. Add biryani masala to it and half of the stock. Line the bottom of the rice cooker with the vegetable mix and layer it with uncooked rice.
Make a paste with saffron and cream. Once the rice cooks 3/4, add ginger, chillies, saffron cream paste and ghee and the remaining stock. Let it cook completely and serve after adding fried onions to it.

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  1. I read your review about the cooker and good to know present day use. You have mentioned that ‘steam my yoghurt, vegetables, dumplings and pudding’ . Can you brief the procedure to be done with this cooker.


    Ravindran B

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