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We went for Guppy by ai for a SUNDAY BRUNCH, and I have to admit that I was completely unprepared in terms of what was I expecting. I had just no expectations, I had never tasted Japanese Cuisine before and didn’t know what it would be really like, would it be spicy, would it be mild, what kind of appetisers, what soups, what main course.. I just had no idea.

But yes, I was very pleasantly surprised indeed. The moment I stepped in, I was in awe of the place, the ambience itself is so overpowering, that one automatically starts to get curious on how the food would be.

Guppy has introduced this special Sunday Brunch Menu, so you don’t have to toggle your head on what to order, you just sit back, relax and let the surprises come in. I didn’t even bother to look at the menu, and surrendered myself completely and waited patiently for the course of meal to start.

As we sat down, the first thing that we were served was a variety of two soups, MISO SOUP and MUSHROOM SOUP, and it was a great start indeed. The soups tasted very different from the regular soups, but they tasted awesome.

The next in line was a set of cold appetisers, which included TENDERLOIN TATAKI, SALMON TATAKI, TOFU SASHIMI, POTATO SALADA, TAMAGO YAKI and SPINACH GOMA, barring the SALMOM TATAKI, which was a raw salmon, I tried everything and liked them all. TOFU SASHIMI was the best out of the lot, and its sauce was simply amazing.

Next was CHICKEN SHUMAI STEAMED BUN, and this cute little thing, tasted as good as it looked.

And now it was SUSHI time, and to be honest, this word doesn’t excite me enough as raw fish is something I am allergic too, but after a lot of convincing from the staff, I settled for a VEGETARIAN SUSHI and I have to admit, it was a delight. I did tempt me to try the non- vegetarian versions, but I somehow refrained.

The next thing to be served was the TEMPURA FISH, a perfectly golden fried fish, very mild in taste, but fried to perfection.

The next section was for the grilled menu, and it included MUSHROOMS, SWEET POTATO, TOFU, CHICKEN and FISH. I settled for CHICKEN AND FISH, I did try the SWEET POTATO too, but it was way too sweet for my liking, as it wasn’t dessert time yet. The grilled fish was just about ok, but the grilled chicken was definitely a hit.

The next was JAPANESE PIZZA PANCAKE CHICKEN, and it was simply awesome to taste, tender chicken on bed of fried potato, made it a unique combo but amazing to savour.

Now was the time for main course, I didn’t have much space left to accommodate it, but I surely wanted to give it a try and hence asked for very small portions of the same.

The main course included CHICKEN CASSEROLE, NOODLES and GARLIC RICE, and all three of them were great to taste.

I was so delighted with the entire course of food, that I now desperately waited for the dessert.The dessert platter was just amazing and each and everything was simply delicious. It included VANILLA ICE CREAM, CHOCOLATE CAKE, CHOCOLATE FONDANT and FRUITS.

This brought us to the end of this HAPPY SUNDAY BRUNCH and I am so glad that I went for it, and even more glad that I didn’t set any expectations.

I have a special mention for the staff of Guppy’s, they were more than friendly and accommodating. The service was great too.

On the beverages front, tried VIRGIN MOITO, VIRGIN MARY and JUST LIKE THAT( a guava drink), all of them were upto the mark and perfectly blended.

Overall I had a great fooding experience and I am definitely going there again.

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  1. Seems like a fantastic place to dine in, I’ll surely consider visiting there since I love Japanese food too.

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