Review: Ek Bar, Defence Colony

Ek Bar’ – the word can be translated 2 ways – as once and as a bar. Well, ‘Ek Bar’ doesn’t fall into any of those – neither is it a restaurant you can visit just once nor its just any bar. ‘Once upon a time’ is the theme of the restaurant which boasts of a superbly crafted cocktails menu and thoughtful & innovative food menu. The latest venture by the Olive group and Chef Sujan Sarkar in Defence Colony is a masterpiece.

andaman tuna papdi chaat

karari roti with rajma hummus and pickle

Although this is called a cocktail bar, I can, at top of my voice, say (or shout) the food is at par with the best! Innovation – at its best. All the time we ate (for 3 hours!) and with each bite, only one thought was in minds – what made the chef think of dishes like dahi bhalla ice cream!!

ek bar – granola bar with dahi bhalla ice cream

The Royal Indian Punch is a refreshing start (or should I say punch) to a lovely evening – served in a tea pot and cups – the presentation is as appealing as the drink. The best of the lot was Murabba Mule – perfect concoction of aam murabbavodka &homemade ginger beer (well, everything they use is homemade, no syrups or canned items). Queen VictoriaCity of Nizams,Platform @ CST – all have a story associated (remember the theme – once upon a time) and are amazing creations.

the royal indian punch

the best – murrabba mule

Every item – whether it was the non-veg thali (they named it thali on the bell metal plate it is served on) with an assortment of galauti burgerchicken tikka sausagescorched eggand other stuff, andaman tuna papdi chaatchilli sambal jhinga – made of prawns fresh from chilika, tawa fried red snapper with popcorn khichdi (yeah, popcorn) was innovative and out of the world.

the non veg thali

coorg pandi curry

tawa fried red snapper with popcorn khichdi

Special mention goes to the chicken liver and liquid bheja pate, belgian pork short ribs, pandi curry & ek bar – granola bar. What innovation – what thinking and what presentation –a definite must try. We were left wanting for more – but given the full stomachs, we were left with no option other than going there again and trying these things out 🙂

belgian pork short ribs

liver and liquid bheja pate

Service is top notch – we didn’t have to look for people for anything and everything just happened. Moreover – when a glass of cocktail was spilled, they were extremely quick to sort it out and clean the table. Ambience is great, just as you would wish to be in a place like this. I was told they already have a plethora of items ready for the next menu change and I am definitely going there again with friends to have a lovely time.

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