Chandigarh’s skyline to change with World Trade Center

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So smart!

One of the many grouses that travellers across India have is why can’t more cities in India be as planned and pretty as Chandigarh. One of the cleanest and among the best-planned cities in the country, the task is to think of ways to make the City beautiful even better.

The upcoming World Trade Center, Chandigarh Aerocity is one of the ways in which Chandigarh’s skyline and landscape will change. Also, the thrust provided by the government on creating smart cities in the country, the current project becomes quite important for even infrastructure development.

But what does a smart city mean for construction firms? Smart cities are a term that defines the convergence of new government policies, emerging Information Communications Technology (ICT) and innovative design in an urban environment. The touch points of these three elements are creating meaningful, exciting and lucrative opportunities for the construction industry worldwide.

The first impact of smart cities on the construction industry is in the form of lucrative, leading indicator projects, resulting in jobs and profits.

The World Trade Center Association is a name that has become synonymous with business growth and development across the world, with a powerful fabric of commerce that runs through 330 cities and 100 countries, connecting 1 million businesses. The largest network of office complexes and intellectual capital in the world, WTCA fuels the development of businesses by connecting them to other businesses, government agencies, growth opportunities and the pulse of global commerce.

The second impact of smart cities is the innovative projects that challenge traditional construction firms’ means, methods and, potentially, business models.

Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh together contribute to 12% of the country’ GDP and Chandigarh, being at the centre of three states, is at a unique advantage to contribute to and reap the benefits of this.

The other advantage of such a prestigious project is that it brings a certain kind of reputation to the city’s landscape. Even in practical terms, WTC on average 33% higher occupancy and 18% higher rental returns to its owner. It not only is a matter of pride for the city but profitable even for people who invest in it.

The symbol of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier’s open hand signifies a coming of the second machine age, bringing prosperity and growth to its people. The WTC project surely represents that philosophy and takes it forward.

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