Parfait, Juhu,Mumbai- The most disappointing Patisserie in Mumbai.

To all my Mumbai readers,
Blogging is not about presenting the best face of a product or a restaurant but about being honest and true to your readers.

I wish to share my story, not because I wish to be given any monetary returns but because I wish to make you all aware and alert.

But yes, owner, management and PR of Parfait,this is my open letter to you and I want an answer. 

I think this is one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve had in a long time. My experience has a bit of a back story to it, but I’ll share it all here.My mother first encountered the products of Parfait at an exhibition where she had the opportunity to try their rose and pistachio tea cake. The first time she had it, she was absolutely amazed at how moist and flavourful the cake was and its richness in terms of the quantity of nuts.

 The stall at the exhibition wasn’t a stall put up by parfait to promote their own brand but someone else who had bought cake from them and had placed it as a gesture to buyers.
On having such a wonderful cake my mother was overjoyed and being a foodie family she couldn’t wait to make the family try it. 

Not only this, at the stall she found it important to personally call the owner and congratulate them on their fabulous bakes. 
The next day, in all her excitement,my mother went all the way from town to Juhu only to buy this cake for the family. 

It came beautifully packed but cost a whopping ₹1600 for a half kilo cake.

 I must mention at this point, that the cake was merely a tea cake. However, price is never an issue if the product is great.
On reaching home when the family decided to get a slice of what my mother was raving about since a day and a half l,we realized something was terrible wrong.

The cake was definitely one of the worst I’ve tasted. Not a patch on what my mother had described. My mother herself was extremely disappointed.


The cake was flat, greasy and hardly had any nuts in comparison to what was at the exhibition.

Not only did it lack any kind of flavour, it was also dry and hard. Far from moist and soft, it was difficult to cut and I promise that this is not an exaggeration. I genuinely found it difficult to make slices. 

To be honest it tasted like a poor quality rose mawa cake that cost us ₹1600.

Since my mother had already spoken to the owner the previous day to congratulate her, she felt like it was important to let her know about our experience. 

Since customer opinion and feedback is being taken so seriously in today’s date we really believed that she’d pay some attention to what we had to say.
Unfortunately our message was disregarded at first. On probably a second thought from her end, we received a message telling us that we could get our money refunded. She asked for our address as well.
My mother explained that the money was not of importance in this matter and we merely wanted another cake of superior quality. To this we received no reply.

Ever since then, despite giving our address, neither has our refund arrived nor has a better cake.
To sum it up, it’s not the refund that has left me surprised-the money is almost inconsequential- but the lack of interest in considering customer opinion. To leave a customer who was excited enough to call you and congratulate you with a disheartening experience as such,is a real pity. 
P.S- I have waited a few months in the hope of a response from Smriti before writing this review. We did want to give her enough time to be able to take any step she’d have liked to.

On putting this review up on various social media, it was overlooked by Parfait again. Insult to injury would be a befitting phrase. I don’t think it’s all that difficult to respond to some genuine feedback, is it. 

It’s easy to to deal with happy customers, it’s the way you choose to rectify a mistake that reflects true character. 
Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani
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