The Preview of the Newest Modern Indian Restaurant in Mumbai, Panayaa

Making vegetarian stylish, Panayaa aims to re-invent desi gourmet with some crazy, whacky and out of the box culinary experiments.

From molecular gastronomy to the best that regional India has to offer – Panayaa redefines Modern Indian in a palatial, cultural, restaurant set up for for kings. With over 20 signature dishes that are atypical to Panayaa (such as Dhokla Oxycide,  Dal Khichdi Arancini etc) – get ready to experience Indian at its earthy modern best.

Opening on December 1st at Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel by the same owners as Riso / Ithaka / Firki is this fabulous modern Indian restaurant.


Watch this space to know about the best food and drinks at Panayaa.



Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani

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