`Wendy’s` at its best


Well with certain known  facts about this entity beside being the 3rd largest  hamburger fast food chain of the world, with approximately 6,650 locations, and has finally stepped into the commercial competence within a land of humongous economical and foodie culture known as Gurgaon. This is there 2nd outlet @ Ninex Mall, Sohna Road, Gurgaon.  With a slogan of “Quality Is Our Recipe”, in 1969 this franchise has been on the zenith of providing best burgers possible.

If to hop straight onto the point, the location of the outlet is pretty impressive, their concept is all about making a grand debut at this spot where maximum exposure shall  be possible. The infrastructure shall resemble very much just like the contemporaneous outlet in Sector 29, Gurgaon, which is evident that both of the outlets portrays the quintessential factor of an American fast food chain, as Mr. Dave Thomas (Owner) has tried its level best to keep up  with every plausible situation to give that authenticity to every outlet present.

Coming to the most imperative aspect, from the reception to the making of food, inclusive of the Menu, which has been made beautifully, as the staff services and hygiene which pretty much admirable to a certain extent, is an overall appreciable job done by the management at this Wendy’s. The menu has been carved very creatively, providing both vegans and the meat lovers a choice to gorge on the trademark burgers and fascinating fruitellas which are actually amazing mock-tails. I cant resist the Ultimate Paneer Burger, Chilly cheese toast and the lychee delight my all time favorite whenever I have been to Wendy’s and my friend went insane at Cumcumber Fizz, Jr. chicken and the Smoky Chipotle.

The staff was very amicable and the services were agile compared to any other outlets alike. The time spent was adequately jovial and only a minor room of improvisation which I could sense. All-in-all a good memory.


For more tempting & foodilicious images please visit the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132285515@N06/albums/72157661707825255. Thank you.


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