Smartphone Review: ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ Review

“iPhone”, one of greatest creation by one of the most resplendent visionaries of our time, Late Mr. Steve Jobs. While being an Android lover this is my 1st ever encounter with this amazing contraption by Apple, proving me that why has this entity claimed to be the best technology based corporation on the world scale.20151126_23231720151126_232430

I always had been into android since the 1st day I became a tech savvy and one day my dad gets a 5s from himself which was a good smartphone indeed, and eventually he replaced his 5s from iPhone 6 plus which was pretty impressive as Apple for the first time ever stepped upto making a phablet which has never happened before. Operating whenever I got time, I started getting attracted to Apple and finally got myself an Apple iPhone 6s Plus, its a 16 GB, Gold version.

Now, getting to know about specifications of any smartphone out there is a few seconds deal and there are almost 100 websites that can tell about every detail about the software and the hardware of the iPhone 6s plus but here I am about to mention my personal observations as to what I thought makes this phone different from other contrivances and special.

1st, the appearance, if one has to differentiate between 6 plus and 6s plus then there is a (s) alphabet engraved behind and at the bottom of the smartphone. It comes pretty handy so please be careful, as the body is a bit slippery and big, the case adds on the heftiness to it.

2ndly, the software, the iOS 9.1 has just proved to be a big deal and has proved to many renegades that iPhone is no more sluggish now.

3rdly, for the first time ever a cutting edge technology has been incorporated in Apple’s now contraption which is the ‘3D Touch’ and ‘Force Touch’.20151126_232742_HDR20151126_232808_HDR.jpg

Now without opening any app or option one can decide the action one wants to render after opening that particular app. very helpful at times.

4thly, live photos and 4k video recording, 12 megapixel camera and 5 mega pixel rear camera with inbuilt flash, outrageously spectacular, the live photos demo, one can see on any youtube channel, but its a next level technology in the new 6s/6s plus.


Lastly, some miscellaneous facts like, this time both the devices have qualified the bendgate test, I have myself adjudged the change and is doing on daily basis, also the 2GB RAM and 2750 mAh battery gives one enough day to last for a day. the screen is ionized strengthened and thus got a lot of resistance to scratches. Also the aluminium body helps to protect from severe falls and bare the harsh conditions. The new vibrator motor is so useful that one can feel the vibration in a woolen jacket also and not to forget the improvised call quality and speakers enhancement.

Well, no device is perfect, similarly this device also have some minor room for improvement, like the battery takes a lot of time to charge, the phone sometimes doesn’t fits the pocket and also like the protruded camera makes the phone uneven on surface.  Rest, all the cons of this phone have been there, and people are use to it now. I can say in the ending note that this phone has been a great reply to all the high end phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony etc… I am loving Apple now.


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