Weekend Recipe: Lighter Than Air Savoury Pancakes & Onion Relish

I don’t like sweet breakfast options so I came up with this recipe today that everyone loved.

 For the pancakes:

Eggs – 4

All purpose flour – 2 cups

Butter – 2 sticks

Baking Powder – a pinch

Salt to taste

Cheese – 150 gms

Full fat milk – 1 cup

Double cream – 1/2 cup


Separate the egg whites from the egg yellows and whisk them separately. The egg whites should reach the hard peaks consistency and the egg yellows must look pale white.

To the egg yellows add the flour, baking soda, milk, cream (double cream – 1/2 cup whisked into a light fluffy pillowy consistency), butter and salt and whisk.

Then fold in the egg whites gently into the mix and make your pancakes using a non stick pan without any oil.

Add a little shredded cheese to the uncooked side and then flip. Each side would cook in 30 secs to 1 minute.



For the relish: 

Red Onions – 5 medium

Sugar – 1 cup

Chillies – 2

Tamarind paste – 2 tablespoons

Salt to taste

Olive oil – ½ cup


Add chopped onions to a pan and add sugar to it, cover and let the onions caramelise. Then add half of the olive oil to the pan and let the onions wilt a little more.

Add the mix to a grinder/magic bullet with chillies, salt, tamarind paste and the rest of the olive oil and make it into a fine paste. If you want to make the relish thinner add more olive oil.

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