Restaurant Review: Lings Pavilion,Colaba,Mumbai

Over the years many new restaurants have come and many have gone but none have shone like this one. Standing tall and standing strong amongst all the glimmer of the new modern restaurants is the old world charm of Lings Pavilion. This could have easily been my first review on zomato and I could rattle off the best dishes on their menu even if you woke me up in the middle of the night. I take pleasure in writing this review today as Lings is a restaurant so close to my heart. The restaurant itself is like a large memory box for me.
I may not have pictures of all the dishes I name, but take my word for it, you will not regret ordering what I recommend.
With a menu so vast and extensive you are spoilt for choice in this restaurant.

I cannot enjoy my Chinese meal unless it commences with a soup and through all my reviews you will always find one.

My personal Favourite at Lings is the Snow White Soup. I prefer soups with subtle, light flavours. The Snow White soup is served with a generous amount of fish bits and fine noodles. It is capped with a layer of firm egg white peaks. An absolute treat of various textures. Other soups worth trying are the Nanking Soup with Vegetables(vegetarian) and the Rainbow Soup. The rainbow soup is a thick soup with finely diced vegetables and chicken. It has light flavours as well. The Nanking soup is ideal for tofu lovers.

 When is comes to starters my list doesn’t end. I’ve tried almost every starter here but here are a few that are absolutely amazing.
At Number One

-Crispy Prawn Balls. These fleshy little meaty balls, juicy and tender are just a treat to the palette. Ask for the lemon coriander sauce and mustard sauce to go with it. You will thank me later. Don’t forget the sauces, honestly!

The Crab claws are a very similar dish. More sophisticated in appearance these are crab claws covered with a very similar prawn coating and fried. I prefer to have the prawn balls as the serve is more generous.

At Number 2

Bacon wrapped prawns. What could be better than the smoky flavour of bacon and the juicy freshness of prawn all wrapped together in a neat little roll and golden fried within a thin batter.

At number 3

The steamed Pork buns. The sweet Pork filling within the soft freshly steamed bun are impeccable. I haven’t had a better Bao throughout the city.


For all the healthy ones out there, the weight watchers if I may, the Steamed Dimsum Platter is a good idea. It comes with 2 pork baos, 2 Sui Mai and 2 dumplings. All are wonderful, of course the Bao is a winner.


As a vegetarian option I’m a big fan of the corn cream. I don’t find corn cream easily on menus any more and very often, even if I do they lack the smooth texture and slightly sweet tinge. Of course the corn curd here lives up to every dream you have of it!


Spinach wrapped prawns- Crisp on the Outside, tender on the inside and juicy all throughout. Nothing more and nothing less. Perfection rolled and served on a plate.


For all the pork lovers, the spare ribs are absolutely yum. Sticky and saucy get ready to get dirty with these bad boys!
For main course we always order a pot rice. Whether bacon or mushroom or chicken and mushroom all are great.

 We couple it with steamed chicken and vegetables. Our main focus is always our main protein. Either a Crab or Pork.

 Now the crab here is the best you’d have ever tasted. The Butter Garlic Sauce is one that can keep you awake nights drooling for it. It’s not your conventional sauce. It has crisp garlic with oodles of butter and just a little sugar to bring together the symphony of this Spectacular dish. I must warn you that this single dish may cost you anything between ₹2500-3200. But if you’re a crab lover just get it!

 If we eat pork we usually choose the Sunflower pork or roast Pork. We prefer the Sunflower as it has a sweet side. Both dishes come with fatty pork slices and are delicious.
If you were about to think that food is the main focus at this restaurant let me tell you that the owner herself bakes the most wonderful cakes for the customers.

The Apple Cake and Orange Chocolate Cake are fluffy and light with such wonderful flavours and aromas. Do not miss them. The warm cake with cold vanilla ice cream is divine. The Mud pie is fabulous too.
One of the only but the greatest downfall of this place is that the owners are very very particular about taking the last order at 10:45PM. Very often you are left offended as they rudely dismiss you if you are even a little late. Even if you arrive at 10:30 PM be prepared to not get the best treatment.

So if you want to truely enjoy this restaurant make sure you’re on time.

Otherwise this restaurant is flawless.

Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani
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