#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi

If anyone has ever been to the famous by-lanes of Old-Delhi, then this place shall surely be a nostalgia for those.  As once greatly said by a wise person ” If the food is the world then Old Delhi treats are surely the life to that world”, this place is a typical fusion of 5-star hospitality and exquisiteness collaborated with the very effervescence and quintessentiality of the Old-Delhi treats and delicacies that are served with that very smile, warmth and love.

#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi

For a better panorama of this place, this very venue is situated in the exteriors of the Westin Hotel, Gurgaon whilst, the concept is all about a Desi-twist as to make it feel of both world’s by a deliberate effort of western and subtle touch of Old-Delhi. The condiments served are precisely the same what are served in the streets of old-Delhi and to the precision of making the dishes and ambiance more authentic the chefs and staff are dressed as well as cook the very same way it is done on the main front of Old-Delhi. It was an aberrant experience and a mesmerizing one too. From the taste to the way the dishes are served it was all so informal and in a way so authentic that it’s complicated to adjudge whether the place where I was sitting was really a 5-star or the extravagant lanes of the busiest place on earth.

#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi#Bara Darhi

After having a small confabulation with the head-chef and concomitant to which also having the fabulous and scrumptious dinner I had, it was the final round for dessert and the Kheer served was no less then “Somras”.

Also the entire concept is built on a base of economical and original abstract, as going by the menu it was not a lavish Westin type Deal it was originally a old-Delhi type deal, which was the most imperative and noticeable thing for me. Loved it. #Bara Darhi

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