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I am a huge caffeine lover. I love tea, coffee and I am open to experimenting with different kinds of things. My latest experiment was with JustPressed Cold Brew Coffee. I didn’t know what to expect from a cold brew because I hadn’t ever had a cold brew before but when I opened the bottle and took a sniff I was overjoyed.


There is nothing as good as the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Coffee does something to you, it cheers you up, it makes you happy and it certainly brightens your day. 

I like to do my coffee a new way everyday. There were some interesting ways in which I could consume my coffee, recommended to me by the JustPressed website.
Flavored Sugar Syrup  
Granulated sugar won’t dissolve properly in any cold liquid, coffee included. Use sugar syrup and using that to sweeten your iced coffee.
Add a cinnamon stick to the syrup as it cooks and strain it out before cooling. Other complementary flavors to infuse include: cardamom, nutmeg, and rosemary.
Coconut Milk 
Add coconut milk instead of milk to get an amazing sweetness and ultra-rich texture to iced coffee.
Coconut Water 
Mix cold brew concentrate with equal parts coconut water. It tastes like chocolate milk!
Coffee Ice Cubes 
Cold brew coffee is strong by nature, which makes it ideal for pouring over ice. But if you prefer things on the even stronger side, freeze extra coffee into cubes and use those to keep your cool.
Frothy Iced Coffee 
Pour your cold coffee into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and sugar syrup and really shake it – put some muscle into it, then pour it into a glass. It’ll be frothy with a creamy texture, despite having zero dairy.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee 
Stir in condensed milk until blended. Add ice, stir, and serve.
Vanilla Ice Cream 
Combine cold brew and a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass. Blend with cream for an amazing milkshake.
Serve up a dangerously delicious Espresso by shaking up cold brew coffee with sugar syrup and bitters.
Foaming Milk 
Mix equal parts foaming hot milk for a latte.
Other than the interesting ways mentioned above, I sometimes like to make my coffee Irish. Here is how you can do it: 
Irish Coffee Recipe
Add JustPressed coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar to a glass and mix, top it with thick cream.
The coffee is drunk through the cream making it super delicious. If you can buy an Irish coffee mug somewhere, do it! 
Try something new today!

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