Love to travel? Here’s why Dubai should feature in your plans..


The festivals and holidays are upon us! While some might prefer to stay at home and enjoy the poojas and fireworks, we say now is the time to travel. With so many options, we’re hard-pressed to make a decision. But we’ve got our eyes set on Dubai.

The best time to visit Dubai is Oct to December. Apart from the perfect weather there are a whole host of music concerts with international artists and the city is abuzz with carnivals, food festivals and great bargains and deals at the world famous shopping malls.

There is record breaking fireworks all through the month of December at the Burj Khalifa and on the Palm as well. 4th of December is UAE’s National Day and the country celebrates in style with free LIVE entertainment. 

The launch of Global Village is the world’s largest entertainment fair showcasing the culture. It gives shoppers a chance to buy souvenirs at stalls from different countries of the world. Visitors to the fair can also sample world cuisine at unbelievable prices. 

Dubai’s Christmas Festival is a highlight on the social calendar and comes with new surprises like penguin bowling, ice skating and tons of special presents for everyone. This festival recreates the magic of snow in the desert and transforms Dubai into a winter wonderland. This festival takes place at Media City’s amphitheater. 

Wafi Mall has the tallest Christmas tree you will ever see – it is over 40 feet tall! It also plays host to the Dubai’s oldest Santa grotto. There is a spectacular light and sound show that is attended by thousands of tourists.

Dubai is one of the food capitals of the world and in this season sees the city teaming with festive brunches and loads of freebies for the family. 

The best time to book tickets for your Dubai holiday is the end of October. To make the process faster you can download the MakeMyTrip app to find all the best deals that are available to visit this magical city of Dubai.  

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