The Big “F” Awards

# The Big F Awards

“Sometimes you don’t understand how important something is until somebody gets it screamed in your ear, and when someone does the prodigy is chosen among the best”

These awards were a literal meaning to this saying as thousands of restaurants and breweries exist but when one is chosen or declared to be the outstanding one among the rest, it feels special, that one moment that was experienced by the owners of each restaurant that was among the nominated one and the ones who took the memento of excellence with them in a shape of certificate were had all the glows and glitters of serving that every individual that stepped in their venue to step out with satisfaction and smile.

# The Big F Awards# The Big F Awards

# The Big F Awards

The Award had many categories and every category had a winner that has proved itself to set a bar of excellence to an all new level from the day of its inception till date, from American to European, from Chinese to Korean and from Microbreweries to live bar experience, many categories and different restaurant to claim the par excellence remark that they have established with an extraordinary services, also that the said Awards encircled only the venues situated in Gurgaon and amongst them, the jury and the foodies chose their choice of award winning venue.

# The Big F Awards

When it comes to awards, it can never be complete without glitz and glamour and for the venue had some very significant personalities from the foodie world itself like, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, Mr. Sabyasachi Gorai, Ms. Sarah Todd,  from Masterchef Australia and many others, there presence made th night even more beautiful and sensational and when such things are in talks promotional events comme along their way as the famous Italian Sports brand “DUCATI” had their new models launch of Ducati Diavel and Ducati Monster also the German Automobile Brand BMW had their New “BMW GT” launched on the same day.

# The Big F Awards# The Big F Awards

# The Big F Awards

# The Big F Awards

And after all this came the delicious phase of dinner as how can a food award night be completed without food, hence some extraordinary delicacies were present and with a quintessence of taste.

# The Big F Awards# The Big F Awards

# The Big F Awards

The night was phenomenal and so was the experience.


2 thoughts on “The Big “F” Awards

  1. For a moment I was like – Big F awards? Then I realised it was for FnB industry. Seems like a great event with some amazing people

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