Kalaghoda Cafe,Mumbai- The Little HiddenGem 

I went to this tiny little cafe on a bright sunny holiday morning. Since the place is is rather small we had to share a table until we graduated to the mezzanine a little while later.

I must warn you that the mezzanine, although the most comfortable and private is the hottest spot in the cafe. A little tower fan does solve the problem though. Since this cafe is known to serve a good breakfast we were rather excited to be here. I didn’t want to go with the traditional egg combo so we ordered a Ham and Cheese Sandwich and a Rosti topped with a fried egg sunny side up. We coupled it with a cappuccino. 

I enjoyed everything served to us. The sandwich had generous thick slices of ham and cheese and the Rosti was pillowy on the inside yet crisp on the outside and alive with cheesy surprises.

The coffee was definitely one of the better ones I’ve had recently. It was a flavorful roast with some robust flavours. My only complaint was the cup size, I found the serve a little small. To end our breakfast on a sweet note we ordered the Dark Chocolatw Waffle. We were served a single waffle piece large enough for the two of us to be happy after our sandwich and Rosti. It was served with a small pot full of dark chocolate which was more than sufficient to soak our waffle. The chocolate was well balanced. Not too sweet, not too bitter, just perfect. The waffle itself was a little eggy in my opinion but overall the dish held up ok.

The cafe has a wonderful skylight located at its highest point giving beautiful light to the cafe.
Since the cafe is small visitors often don’t have the luxury of a laid back meal. Although there is a wifi working on laptops is also often forbidden due to the increasing queue of people.The interiors are simple. A white washed rough brick finish and rustic looking truss roof lends provides a good ambiance to enjoy a good meal.

A meal here should cost approximately ₹800-900 for 2 people.
I’d love to go back here but I’d always choose my timing strategically and that’s what I’d recommend to you as well!



Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani

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