Review: Nikhil Advani’s Hero

sen city

Kids today know what a gym is. They know how to flex their biceps so their tattoos ripple just right, and how to stand on sunny dockyards and forcefully throw lengths or rope up and down, as if playing tug of war with themselves (Also see: Brothers). This, evidently, is what passes for ‘learning the ropes’ in Hindi cinema — it’s a shame these starlings don’t work as hard on, say, their dialogue delivery.

There is, of course, a lot to be said in favour of the unschooled leading man. Subhash Ghai, who directed Hero back in 1983, never held the most brilliant scripts, but was certainly a canny filmmaker with enough foresight to train his spotlight on actors in whom he saw much promise. The reason for the enduring popularity of Hero remains, indeed, its leading pair: the affable and assured Meenakshi Sheshadri, and Jackie Shroff, a gangly

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