Reeflect: How Dense Is Your Pain Body?


Pic Credits |lightworkers Pic Credits |lightworkers

This is my second post on the exceptionally enlgihtening ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle.

I am particularly fascinated by how he reflects upon the idea that we’re all born with a pain body that feeds on negativity and the drama in our lives. The pain body thrives on fear, anxiety, unhappiness, guilt, hostility, resentment and all of the egoic dysfunctions that the mind can possibly create.

People with dense pain bodies have a predominantly negative energy field and try to get into arguments, fights and in extreme cases even physical violence in order activate the pain body in others around them because it helps feed their own.

A fascinating way to lessen the impact of your pain body and to break this unholy alliance between the ego and your pain body is to become completely present in the moment.

In the language of Zen, they refer…

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