Chumbak, known for it’s quirky ‘Indian’ designs and merchandise, launched a brand new store at Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub.


The founders of Chumbak originally started the brand in 2010 when they had friends visiting from overseas and wanted them to take back something different, instead of just the usual marble elephants from Janpath.


Between 2012 and 2013 Chumbak had been selling it’s merchandise online and through distribution. In 2013, Chumbak set up its first store in Bangalore.The Company now has about 20 stores and kiosks, spread across five cities.


To celebrate the opening of their latest store, Chumbak in collaboration with Little Black Book, Delhi organized a lunch and blogger’s meet at a popular Parsi restaurant, Soda bottle Opnerwalla, at Cyber Hub Gurgaon. There was a selection of the favourites off the menue with the chicken berry puloa, mutton Dhunsak, Prawn with pav, the chicken cutlet and a very very interesting fried banana appetizer. There was an entire dessert selection as well with the five star brownie, Irani Falooda and the Mawa cake. My personal favourite was the five star brownie but the Falooda with strawberry was something else! I don’t think I have ever been anywhere where I have enjoyed everything I have eaten! It was my first time at soda bottle so I was very excited about the concept. The music was perfectly in key with the vibe of the restaurant and I almost didn’t want to leave.

IMG_20150905_130255 IMG_20150905_130328IMG_20150905_143731

Right after we wrapped up almost coma inducing meal, we headed over to the Chumbak store to do a small ‘make-happy’ activity. We were all asked to pick up merchandise from the store and put it together in whatever way made us happy. I ran around like a schoolgirl through the store to get to my favourite merchandise first. Yes, I do love those owls and almost every other product at the store. I love how it’s perfectly Indian yet perfectly contemporary.

IMG_20150905_150415 IMG_20150905_150811

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To make my life just a little bit easier and to save the hassle of parking and un parking on a busy weekend, I had Uber that carted me to the event and back

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