Miss Palaash 2015 – Curtain Raiser Event!

New Delhi on 4 September witnessed the unveiling of the 26 finalists for the Miss Palaash, 2015 from over 15 cities and out of the 1500 applicants.

The Panache Global Pvt Ltd (PGPL) is the parent company behind this event organized at The Park Hotel. This day marked the start of a 4 day race to ‘The Miss Palaash 2015 finale ‘ on 9 September at Kingdom of Dreams, Guragaon. The event will be graced by biggest names from fashion, cinema, business.

The atmosphere was full of excitement, with lights, cameras and beautiful girls everywhere.


With giggles and laughter all around the event began with the organizers talking about the true vision behind the event.



The amount of effort and thought process gone in selecting the right people with a balance of beauty, brains and a kind heart.

The dignitaries present were Ms Pallavee Sharma, Chairwoman and Managing Director of PGPL, Mr Inderjeet Singh Soni, Executive Director, PGPL, Dr. Neeta Sharma, Official pageant warden, patron and Mr Kaushik Ghosh, Pageant Director of Miss Palaash .


The event introduced us all to the 26 participants


and to the unveiling of The Crown.


Here are some images of some of the contestants:

DSC_0002 From Right: Sangeetha, Anglin & Sonal.

DSC_0007 Payal & Rebika.

DSC_0009 Marshi, Himani & Madhurima.

DSC_0010 Sanjana.

DSC_0012 Nitika & navya.

Manveer Kaur DSC_0017

DSC_0018 Aatial

DSC_0023Kareena Sharma

DSC_0025Prachi Bansa

DSC_0026Akshita Dayal Malhotra



Wish all the contestants ‘Good Luck’!

The Grand Finale of Miss Palaash 2015 is now set to take place on the 9 September, 2015 at The Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon.



Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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  1. Hi shivangi, I’m Neha Dabar, Palaash contestant. The picture that you’ve uploaded with my name is not mine, it’s the other contestant, please make this correction.
    Thank you 🙂

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