Arif miyan ki rasoi – ends 6th Sep!

The kitchens of Awadh have given India some of its most famous and lingering dishes. Who does not love the mouth watering kebabs or the deliciously fragrant dum Biryani from Lucknow. Though kebabs and biryani were not on the menu on the day, but Arif miyan ki rasoi was a wonderful feast comprising of nihari, stew and keema kaleji.

DSC_0235 DSC_0236

I loved the keema kaleji as kaleji is one of my favourite portions of any meat. The keema that was cooked along with it was again full of flavour yet so light to eat. Only real Awadh cooks can create such complex dishes using so few spices and Arif Miyan is definitely one such cook. 

DSC_0244 DSC_0241

The other dishes like nihari and even the veg options like paneer gravy (quasar – e – pukhtan) were distinct and memorable. 


The raise ends this Sunday and you cannot miss it!


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