Optimum Nutrition sponsored ‘Healthy Desserts Workshop’ at Anytime Fitness.


I saw this very apt quote a few days back “ Every girl’s dream is not to find the perfect guy but to eat without getting fat.” It makes me wonder so many people out there in the world have a sweet tooth and have to forcibly shy away from sweets for a simple reason, to be fit.


We go to the gym, we eat healthy but what makes us really happy is food. We have cravings and the so called healthy options to be honest are ever so non – palatable. So what do we do? We indulge. And then we work out like crazy feeling guilty of that small little fling at midnight with ‘chocolate’.


As someone very close to me said ‘Problems are opportunities’, I guess Anytime Fitness realized it and did an amazing workshop with a very gifted Chef Ruhee Bhimani.


Located in Malviya Nagar, amidst the street bustling with traffic. I was in for the most delicious and guilt free delightful surprise.


The event began with a display of various goodies. Then Mr Vikas Jain, Managing Director, Anytime Fitness India spoke a few words,


introduced Chef Ruhee Bhimani, the founder of Cocoa Cottage and also announcing the launch of youtube videos showing how to make these amazing goodies using Optimum nutritionist’s caesin protien powder making them high in nutrition and low on calorie.

Simply made but it tasted delicious. The demo was only for the Casein Mousse but we tried other healthy desserts too. My favorite were the peanut butter and Chia seed brownies and casein mousse out of the truffles and hazelnut fudge.

Peanut Butter and Chia Seed Brownies DSC_0318

Casein Mousse IMG_20150813_171306398

Truffles DSC_0313

Hazelnut Fudge DSC_0312

What I like about Ruhee is her enthusiasm and her infectious positivity and smile. Her fondness for desserts has made her experiment and discover healthier options.


I must compliment Anytime Fitness


and Protein brand Optimum Nutrition


for organizing such an amazing workshop and providing us with a healthier alternative.

I am sure we all went home much more satiated and looking forward to visiting the Anytime Fitness gym very soon. DSC_0324DSC_0323




Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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