Amazing ‘Retail Therapy’ by Solestruck & Bonhomie.

Bonhomie is a Ladies clothes line coming from a young lady, Avni Aneja.


Avni with her mother at the Sleek Chic Pop up event.

This tall lass has some amazing ideas for full bodied women too. She perkily talks about her father being in the clothes import business so since childhood, being surrounded by clothes and fabric this is her dream come true.


Avni having done psychology from L.S.R, explains to me that every woman has not only a unique body form but also have a certain color and design palate preference.

Bonhomie comes under the Umbrella brand, which caters not only to women but also includes a number of labels: Via Italia – premium kids wear, Cool Quotient – Graphics merchandise and so many more.


Her brother Ambar Aneja is the one behind the graphic tee’s which cater to all the fan masses of GOT, Big Bang, Breaking bad and the list continues.

Finally a ladies designer line, Bonhomie, where the pains have been taken to understand women’s choice thoroughly.


I like the fact that Avni tells me that all her friends have different figures which made her be more sensitive in shaping the garment. I could get that sense because the only thing constant I could see in her designs was the use of flowing fabric, which is something that makes a individual look fuller and works as a camouflage for some.


Her collection comprises of all her designs ranging from floral to stripes, plain colors to aztec and so on.


What accompanies every dress?, a thing that changed Cinderella’s life, yes, Shoes!. “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe. Here come Solestruck that captures your heart through your feet.

Nidhi Mahajan, a petite young woman who is brimming with energy and goes on to explain in detail what ‘solestruck’ is all about.


She picks up the new, emerging, indie, amazing brands of shoes from around the world and makes it available in India. She takes pride in creating such an exclusives collection with different brands to offer a selection that can be found nowhere else.

The good quality ensures comfort for your feet no matter how high are the heels.
The collection also include flats which include smart ballerinas to bling and flashy beach wear styles.
One can get yourself a pair by clicking here.
Following are images of the shoes and dresses worn by the ladies that were present at the event.


Here, she is wearing a sheer story slit top and Pretty pink wedge from Bonhomie & Solestruck.
I would also like to mention the sweet gesture extended to me by Nidhi, while leaving she handed me a jar of toasted oats made by her sister and I must say that it was delicious. One of the most healthy and tasty sweet snack I have had in a long time without guilt, here are the details.
Check out the beautiful creations on Facebook:
Hope to be ordering some dresses and shoes online again very soon!



Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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