Restaurant Review: RBG, Park Inn, IP Extension

RBG is a name synonymous with Park Inn. Every Park Inn in the world has a RBG Bar & Grill. We were invited for a review of the RBG restaurant in Park Inn by Radisson in IP Extension (Patparganj). An area with just a handful of hotels, we were happy since it is so close to home. Located on the ground floor of the property, this is a beautifully done place. There are separate bar and dining sections to cater to different needs!


There is a buffet every night. And a la carte for other times. We went ahead with a la carte. The restaurant was packed in spite of being a weekday. The service was good to start with – everything came in time till the main course. I am not sure what happened after that. I had to ask twice to get me finger bowls. The used plates were removed after 15 minutes and the desserts took ages to appear. By this time, there were not too many people, but there was some confusion within the servers.

In appetizers – we tried the Amritsari Macchi, which is a must try – crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside – amazing! Classic Caesar Salad was the chef’s version of the most famous salad. I would say I have had better. The seasoning was a bit too much, which over powered the crunchiness of the lettuce, and it served with garlic bread rather than garlicky croutons in the original one.

Caesar Salad

Amritsari Macchi

For beverages – Virgin Colada & Blue Sea and later a Virgin Mojito. All fared well. I liked the Virgin Colada since most places screw it up, but here it was great.

Virgin Colada

Blue Sea

For the mains, I ordered something called RBG Twins – medium done lamb chops with rosemary jus. This is the perfect dish for people who understand the concept medium done meat – but for others, it would be a under cooked lamb chop. I found the lamb chop in accordance with medium rare steaks available abroad – preserving the natural juices. I would suggest you order this dish only if you like medium done meat. Also ordered was Mutton Rogan Josh and Garlic naan. Mutton Rogan Josh is among the better ones available – most places serve a tainted version of Mutton Rogan Josh, but this one is close to authentic.

Garlic Naan

Rogan Josh


RBG Twins

All in all, a good place with great food, but lacking in service. I would go again to this place just for the food, I hope they improve upon the service.

WHERE – Park Inn, I P extension
Must Try – Amritsari Macchi, RBG Twins (only if you like medium done), Mutton Rogan Josh
Price for two – ~1500

Review Credit: Abhik

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