Google House-an experiential walk-through of Google products

“OK Google, Macaron vs Doughnut”, I said to my phone as I sipped my evening coffee and stood confused about the calories in each. This job was made easier when I climbed down the ladder of information that was displayed on my phone screen in a very structured and understandable manner. Then, I thought to myself how technology is our obedient assistant helping us make daily choices and providing us with a glut of information whenever and wherever we need it.

“Google House” a showcase of the latest product innovations for India’s ‘mobile first’ world, was an event organized to introduce and promote various services offered by Google. Mr. Sandeep Menon, Google Country Marketing Director, explains how their “Digitizing India” efforts are expected to be fruitful as India is the second largest country in the world to take over the Internet market. Google is aspiring to make a positive impact by providing the tools and services that cater to the needs of all Internet users. By 2017, half a billion Indians are going to be using their smartphones to connect to the world, and this is the biggest mobile revolution that the country is yet to experience.


Anushka Menon, one of India’s youngest female photographers to have worked in the beauty & fashion industry, and Daboo Ratnani, celebrity photographer, are astonished to learn how Google Now is able to give out the smallest of details about the quotidian events in our lives. Be it the local trains, local buses, flights, real time traffic, weather, featured attractions, Google Now is the umbrella under which all these are available in less than a couple of seconds. Real time translation from English to Hindi and the Hindi voice search helps the desis to feel comfortable using this too.


Kunal Kapur, the judge and host, MasterChef India, explains how he loves to use Google to browse new recipes, look for amazing combinations of ingredients and other culinary experiences along with maintaining photographs on Google Photos.


Kannan Gill, the YouTube funny man shares how easy Google has made it for his viewers to access his hilarious videos and other videos. He also adds that the offline feature on YouTube now enables people to carry these videos along with them wherever they go without worrying about how they are going to stream it.


Technology has truly made a mark on each and every one of our lives, and the constant effort to upgrade these innovations and make our lives easier has been the constant goal Google has envisioned.

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