Barcelos to launch – ‘White Burger’

It was black first, then came the red – I had started wondering what color would it be next and then it came – White Burger! In the burger world, where brown is the benchmark, it is a pleasant surprise to the eyes – leaves you guessing how to achieve that color while baking it.

Barcelos invited us for a tasting session of ‘White Burger’. I was a little disappointed to learn that there is no lamb variant – only chicken and vegetarian are available.

The chicken one is good. The bun is super soft. I hear they make it using milk powder and coconut and bake it at lower temperature for extended periods of time to achieve that color and texture. Well, whoever devised that way, he/she has clearly done a brilliant job. The bun is perfectly moist and soft. Coming to the fillings, there is something unique about the burger. The concoction of condiments used delivers a striking flavor. The chicken patty is a bit thin for a fancy burger (hope that changes, feedback was passed) – and it comes with mushrooms, capsicum, lettuce and onion.



The Chicken variant of ‘White Burger’

The vegetarian one is made with soya. There is something very different about this burger which I can’t put into words, though the patty was dry (quite). If the dryness if taken care of, this would be one of the best vegetarian burgers available.



The vegetarian variant of ‘White Burger’

In both the burgers, there is a surprise element, never before seen in burgers. I am not going to disclose it here, just try it out and you will realize what I am talking about.

At the end of the session, we were happy about the taste of the burger, and being assured that the drawbacks would be rectified, we were a happy bunch. Barcelos is doing a good job with innovating – molecular drinks, sangria bar, red & black burgers and now this one – I hope they have more in store. Keep up the good work!

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