Talking Books With IndiBlogger, Harper Collins & Yashodhara Lal.

Salman Rushdie said “A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it or offer your own version in return”. I couldn’t have agreed with him more because I got a golden opportunity to meet someone who did just that. I am really happy to introduce Mrs Yashodhara Lal, bestselling author of three books, including “There’s something about you” and Mr Anoop Johnson, the co-founder of Indiblogger.


I was fortunate to be invited by Harlequin India, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers India association with Costa Coffee & Indiblogger to the launch of “There’s something about you” by Yashodhara Lal and 10 Love Stories – An Indiblogger Selection.


The venue was a little too small for all the book lovers to assemble. Till the time I got there with my husband, we are both avid readers… the place was packed with not only the people who were there for the book launch but with other customers of Costa coffee too. There was some issues with the mic and speaker system as it was difficult to hear clearly.


Mrs Yashodhara, lovingly refered to as ‘Yash’ talked at length about her book. The basic questions about what inspired her to write and which was her favorite character were asked by a senior journalist Soumya Mukerji, the discussion moderator.


Mrs Yashodhara Lal is an inspiration to all us bloggers as she herself started her own blog and then moved on to being an author, her blog is


She stands tall with a slender figure and with one of the warmest smiles. One look at her and no one can say that she is a mother of three kids. What inspired most was her conviction of pursuing what she desires.


Another revelation by her which I shall share was that at one point in her life she fell very ill and had a near death experience, this near escape made her realize that life is too short and an unexpected journey and ones needs to do things which they wish to as soon as possible. Very much like check listing ones bucket list. And so she did.


Her book “There is something about Mary” is a story with a female protagonist named Trish, is at an age where we all once were and often look back to it with a sense of satisfaction. Yes, it’s the phase when everyone is more bothered about your matrimony status than your well being. Yet like most of us, even she has an undiscovered prince charming waiting. But was it ever easy to convince a strong headed female, specially when she is convinced she no longer needs a man nor the need to fall in love? Read the book and find out what happens…

Mr Anoop, the indiblogger, a smart individual, he gave insights about blogging. He spoke about the art of blogging, writing about relationships and moved on to talk about “10 Love Stories – An Indiblogger Selection”. This book is a selection of finest love stories selected from 500 entries. Which reminds me of “The chicken Soup” stories and I look forward to reading it.


After the Launch of the two books there was a ‘1 minute Love story’ narrating event from the audience.


Many people came forward and shared their most personal and heartwarming stories and were then gifted with some of the books.

We all got in line for the book signing and finally the book launch ride came to an end.


Reasonably prized, grab one today to transcend into a world of 10 Love Stories (250/-) or There’s something about you (175/-).




Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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