Is Dandelion Coffee the Next Big Health Craze?


dandelions (taraxacum officinale) Uh … yum? (Photo: Getty)

Kombucha. Birch SapMaple Water.Bee Panacea. In case you aren’t clued into the wide world of wellness, these are just a few buzzy drinks health fiends are fond of obsessing over. And while they’re decidedly more unique than a cup of green tea, they’re pretty tame compared to the latest superfood craze: Dandelion coffee.

Yes, dandelions—the yellow flowers typically considered lawn weeds—have steadily been gaining attention for their nutritional value, especially in the form of instant “coffee.” Although don’t expect to see this concoction pop up at your local Starbucks any time soon. The caffeine-free herbal drink is made from a blend of roasted dandelion root, sugar beet, rye and chicory root—so no, it’s not really coffee—but fans claim the flavor is a pretty convincing stand-in.

Although it’s having a resurgence among the wellness crowd, dandelion—like kombucha and matcha—has been a health solution for centuries…

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