Pachouli Spa & Wellness Centre : Celebrating Independence Week with Special Patriotrism Packages & Offers!

Amidst the hustle bustle of Rajender Place stands on the third floor a new world which takes you into a journey of your innermost comfort. The serene and calm atmosphere gives one an illusion of being in close harmony of nature. There is a beautiful symphony playing in the background which allays even the most tired minds like mine who has come to this place from a considerable distance.


The place is full of the tricolor balloons signifying the Independence day spirit, after being greeted by a ‘Namaskar’ I am asked to take a seat near the entrance. Once seated my eyes dart in every direction and I see a mix of modern saloons with strong presence of Ayurveda which converges into a harmony.


I can’t help but stare with peace already dawning on me at the reclining Buddhas and other statuettes surrounding me.


I am greeted by the owner Ms Preeti. Coffee addicts can take a bow as this place caters to the body and doesn’t permit caffeine thus I settle for a very sweet lemon tea.


I am able to get some time by Preeti from her busy schedule. She then goes on to tell me that she herself is a nutritionist and has an experience of 16 years. A bachelors degree in food & nutrition and finally an MBA in customer relationship management she emphasis that all her clients are like guests and not just customers and that each and everyone is given undivided attention. Hence they have a team of 33 dedicated people.

I have been invited to celebrate this Independence Day with ‘Pachouli special Nail Art’. Here is a brief preview of how it went.


I was very pleased with the design, I would categorize myself among those girls who aren’t very nail color friendly thus I chose a design which I felt I could carry. Most importantly Mr Shiv Kumar , the nail artist could sense what I wanted.


The end result was me with tricolor nail art and a very happy and a satisfied smile!

Now, Pachouli is not only a spa but a new age slimming center also. Ms Preeti spoke at length about the various slimming machines and packages they have to offer. I must mention the new age technology called F.I.R that makes you lose calories by making you sweat. Here are some photographs:


They have a separate area for spa treatments.



And for married couples like me there is an exclusive couple’s spa room.


What intrigues me most about this place is the way they have integrated the technology of so many machines yet continued to maintain the Ayurvedic/close to nature balance.


I would like people to at least come here once to see what this place has to offer and no matter what you might have in mind it is sure to be available here. Here are some photographs of the Hair Saloon section and Mani-Pedi section:
So, please don’t wait and make your bookings today!
Address: 7B, Rajendra Park, Pusa Road, Rajendra Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110060
Phone: 011 4702 2800



Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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