Restaurant Review: Uzzuri Deli, Janpath

A deli is a place which serves ‘delicious things to eat’. The Janpath lane has a plethora of restaurants – fine dine, casual dine, cafes and what not. Uzzuri is the latest in providing comfort food for the busy ‘Dilli Waalas’. We were invite for a tasting session and we were glad at the end of it.


Spread over 2 floors, the ground floor serves as a deli and the first floor doubles up as a bar. The menu is same in both areas, it’s just the ambiance that changes. The bar is a great place to hang out and the deli is well suited for family meals. They also have a dessert counter on the lobby, where you can see and order. Service is good – a noticed a little confusion in the orders from the bar, but that can be ignored.


We started with the soup of the day and it was delicious. Not a clear soup, it was creamy in texture and was good in all aspects – be it the taste, the atexture or the temperature.

Soup of the day

In the beverages section, we tried the Kaffir Lime Mojito, Lychee Lemongrass, Uzzuri Fresh and Smoked Bourbon Toddy. The Kaffir Lime Mojito is refreshing. Lychee Lemongrass was refreshing again with a hint of lemongrass. Uzzuri Fresh was served with too much ice, and it lost flavor by the end of it. Smoked Bourbon Toddy is a must try – this was our first stint with a warm cocktail. To be frank, I was skeptical, but this one is good – if you love bourbon you will like it, if you like the smell & taste of cinnamon – you will adore it!

Uzzuri Fresh

Smoked Bourbon Toddy

We ate Crispy Bruschetta – one each of roasted peppers, mushroom feta & tomato mozzarella – the base could have been crispier. Topping wise mushroom fiesta was good, tomato mozzarella average and roasted pepper could have had a little more seasoning, though the smoky flavor was good. Jerk Chicken Tortilla is good stuff – served with a flavorful salsa & lettuce leaves, this one is a good combination of crispness, softness and ‘cheesiness’.

Crispy Bruschetta

Jerk Chicken Tortilla

Breaded Cajun Chicken Burger & Lamb Shank was ordered for mains. The former on the suggestion of the server and the latter – pure love for lamb shanks! The burger patty was crisp, the Cajun spice was perfect – the hints of cumin, coriander and paprika – doing their magic. It felt a little dry to me, but my partner loved it. Lamb Shank is perfect – done in an aromatic rosemary jus; flesh falling off the bone, served with a bed of mashed potato & sautéed vegetables – just loved it to the core.

Breaded Cajun Chicken Burger

Breaded Cajun Chicken Burger

Lamb Shank

For desserts we ordered a Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake & Black Velvet Cake. I can’t decide which one was the best – they were all so good. The creamy texture of the velvet cakes and the hint of cinnamon in the carrot cake – ah heaven!

Red Velvet Cake

Must Try – Lamb Shank, Velvet cakes, Smoked Bourbon Toddy



Review Credit: Abhik

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