Raksha Bandhan Special: My Rakhi Story

My brother is my inspiration. He is my role model … now! Things were not always like this. My brother and I have always fought about everything. We have played pranks on one another and played pranks on people with one another. Now that we are all grown up and live in different countries, the only time we meet is on special occasions.
My brother has stood by me, supported me in good times and bad and has been the person I can go and talk to about anything under the son. He is positive, he is comforting and he has always been the strength of my life. I usually don’t say such nice things about him but I really miss being around him. I wish I could go back to my childhood and spend all that time with him again. Time flies and people don’t realise the importance of relationships but at least there are special days like “Raksha Bandhan” when brothers and sisters can meet and spend some quality time recreating new memories and talking about some old ones.

I am really looking forward to celebrating Raksha Bandhan with my brother. I am compelled to reminisce about how we have celebrated this festival over the years. For the longest time my brother fell in love with the idea of calling every single day “April Fool’s Day”. He would play pranks on everyone, especially me and scream – “Happy April Fool’s Day!” I had to do something.

It was Rakhi and the day before the festival we had informed him that there would be a huge pooja in the afternoon. He usually woke up late on holidays so we (my cousins and I) had decided to have the pooja at 11 am. We knew that all we needed for our plan to work was for him to wake up late. If that did not happen it would all not work out and we would end up looking like fools.

I strategised and covered the windows in black paper from the outside and adjusted the clocks. When he woke up I video taped his reaction and came outside apologising for having slept through the pooja. It was hilarious when we all yelled, “HAPPY April Fool’s Day!!!!!” You should have seen the look on his face. It was unbelievable. The prankster had been pranked!!!

When he settled down I gave him his presents and he gave me mine!

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