Movie Review: Kala Sach – The Black Truth

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Kala Sach – The Black Truth is based on a true story. The film highlights the cruelty & inhumane treatment to the women in the name of Witch Hunting. This is an old age ritual, now used for exploiting women on petty excuses. The film also highlights the social system and political laxity of not framing tough laws to abolish this menace. Surprisingly Government of India after 68 years of Independence has still not made a central law to overcome this problem.

This film is an eye-opener and a revolution against the practice of Witch-Hunting. This film is dedicated to all those women, who have been tortured, gang raped made to drink & eat human waste and murdered in the name of Witch-Hunting.

The hapless woman of Jharkhand who was sexually assaulted and physically tortured after being branded a ‘witch’, represents the pain and misery of thousands of women of India who face unbearable torture, ostracism and sometimes even death after being branded witches. “Kala Sach-The black truth”, is the first-of-its-kind attempt of Bollywood to attract government’s attention to the bitter truth of witch hunting.

Kusum as its central character displays how an educated and good looking woman in village, trying to tell villagers the importance of education is targeted by the godman and influential people to be branded as witch and subjected to physical and sexual harassment.

Produced under the banner of J D productions, the main target of the film is not just entertaining people but to make them aware of the problem that is part and parcel of the life of thousands of women in rural central India.



Review Credit – Chandni

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