The Asus #ZenFestival – The Biggest EVER!

As the rain gods showered their blessings I was somehow able to reach the Asus Zen Festival in time, the so called India’s biggest blogger’s meet.

IMG_20150806_134253156_HDR IMG_20150806_134312299_HDR

From outside the venue I saw long lines of people waiting. The helpers and everyone else who had received a goody bag and they had adorn themselves with the blue colored “I AM INCREDIBLE”, #Zenmaster Tshirt. There was blue everywhere!

IMG_20150806_135923458 IMG_20150806_144709302

The entrance was transformed into an alley with the Autograph wall on the left and Tattoo artists on the right. In front of me lay a very bright light moving wall, called the Digital Graffiti wall. Walking further in I saw people being photographed with the look a likes of Salman khan, Anil Kapoor, Amitabh Bacchan and many more, this was the celebrity engagement. Opposite to that was the photo Op zone.


Exploring through the large crowds I figured that it could have been better managed. Now as the name suggests, it was a carnival with live music and food stalls, hence the overwhelming crowd seemed to have taken over.


I was invited as a blogger, receiving invite from Ripple Links, as I tried to stay in line I saw people fight over the goody bag. There were no proper registrations so I refrained from asking for the “Zentastic surprise” which was mentioned in the invite. A fellow blogger and I were both left stranded at the entrance of the auditorium as we couldn’t find any seats. I had been given a ‘Superpass’ invite to sit and interact with the celebrity and the company staff but none of it happened. As per the invitation it was the India’s biggest bloggers meet but the audience comprised media, college crowds, fans, general public and some bloggers.

At the entrance of the auditorium we were greeted by “Zenny”, the Asus mascot. Here are his images below:


We were asked to settle down in the auditorium which very steadily was jam packed in no time. The stage had a blue theme and there were two large screens on both sides for good coverage.IMG_20150806_134810787

Here we were welcomed by Cyrus Sahukar, our host for the event. After a brief yet humorous conversation the show began. The lights were dimmed and what followed was a remarkable Broadway act of drummers. They were standing amongst the crowds and began playing along with the music. Their hats and drums were glowing which gave a sense that you were in the real Broadway.

IMG_20150806_143508450 IMG_20150806_143435210_HDR

Surrounded by such music and color made one feel to be in a live carnival. After playing the drums and their sticks a few of them went upstage and were air lifted. This whole scenario was very mesmerizing and raised the expectations of what was to follow.


The whole auditorium was completely filled in numbers as well as energy. The crowd enjoyed the quirky humor by our host who then introduced us the creator of Zenfone, the Zen Master Jonney Shih.



He went on to give us presentation of the internal and external features of the new ZenFone Deluxe 2 and ZenFone laser.

Here is a small preview:

Followed with the launch of the ZenFone Selfie phone, this launch was star studded by actress Sonakshi Sinha who came to visit and the crowd went wild.


What followed was a very long and repetitive comparison of the ZenFone with Iphone6+. I do not own an Iphone yet I found this blatant comparison a little too harsh. I mean the ZenFone is a very good phone on its own, to me it seemed that the Apple brand got free marketing by these comparisons.

The team went to the extent of inviting owners of Iphone6+ and other phones on stage to compete with the features of the new ZenFone.

Obvious conclusion was drawn that in every possible way the zenphone is more equipped to handle the current generation’s needs. Most importantly this phone is very cost effective keeping in mind the various features it possesses.

Following are the Launches done at The Asus #ZenFestival!

  1. Zenfone Deluxe 2 (Rs. 22,999): The Zenfone Deluxe 2 has a 4 GB RAM, with a ‘crystal miracle’ design at the back.                                                                                                            IMG_20150806_145624314  IMG_20150806_155246803_HDR                                                                                                                                                                                   In the above image the ‘crystal miracle’ design is easily seen.
  2. Zenfone Laser (Rs. 17,999): The Zenfone Laser has laser auto-focus, which is an affordable luxury for camera lovers.
  3. Zenfone Selfie (Rs. 15,999): The Zenfone Selfie device is for selfie lovers. The front camera has wider coverage with superb picture quality.     IMG_20150806_152839026
  4. ZenFone Max (yet to be announced): The ZenFone Max has massive battery back to the extent of being a power bank also. It also has laser focus in the camera.

So now there is a new kid on the block along with previous brands of mobile phones. I am sure with such great promises of its features internal & external it is bound to reach a great success in the Indian Market.

To pre-order your phone just click on the Link.



Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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