Airtel 4G Review: 42.31 Mbps – pinch me someone!! #Airtel4GSpeedTest

I live and breathe technology and whenever anything new comes up I’ve got to immediately give it a try. I once considered moving to South Korea which holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest internet speed. There are countries in the world that have 1Gbps internet speed like Toronto in Canada and then there is India where you barely get 2 Mbps…. until now! Things have changed now and the credit goes to AIRTEL


I decided to take the test myself and give an opportunity to Airtel to demonstrate the true speeds of Airtel 4G. Anyone can find you what he/she will gain from the #Airtel4GSpeedTest as it is a first of kind direct twitter response campaign where users tweet to Airtel in the given format – @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest to find out how much time will a particular app take to download on 4g vs 3g vs 2g.


I have been using WatsApp for a really long time and I wanted to download the “WATSAPP” app on my new iPhone 6 Plus. @airtelindia instantly responded to me with a Twitpic infographic depicting how much time “WATSAPP” will take to download on each of the networks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 15.15.20

“18 Seconds? That’s got to be a FIRST for the Indian Market!” 

I have been using Airtel since 2009 and I have never been disappointed with its service. It brought me 4 Mbps when BSNL and MTNL gave speeds in only Kbps. It gave me 8 and now 16 Mbps in broadband. 
When I heard that Kolkata already has 4G, I was terribly jealous of all Bengalis but when Delhi NCR finally got 4G I was among the first people to order it. I ordered my sim & it was delivered to my house in hours. I immediately took a speed test on and the results were astonishing.
I was getting a “Download Speed” of 42.31 Mbps and an “Upload Speed” of 7.27 Mbps (Picture Attached). *TEARS OF JOY*
I love Airtel 4G! 

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