Scoop Of The Day: Top 5 Movies To Watch This August


Summer is always an exciting time at the movies. Here is our selection of the hottest new ones that are out this month which you need to check out ASAP.

1.Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Aah. The super hot Tom Cruise is back as Agent Ethan Hunt. Need we say more?

2. Inside Out

Inside Out Inside Out

The newest Disney Pixar animation has a super inventive plot about a little girl who actually has emotions in her head come to life and help her navigate her way through life. So, there;s little people like Joy, Anger, Disgust and Sadness fighting out in an epic, hilarious battle which is not just for the little ones.

3) Brothers

Brothers Brothers

This Bollywood adaptation of Warriors looks extremely riveting as Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra come together in a first of its kind Mixed Martial Arts face off.

4) Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Fantastic…

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