Restaurant Review: Yauatcha, Mumbai


Yauatcha is one of those restaurants that have the word legend suffixed to it all the time. There is absolutely no wonder that dim sum tea house, Yauatcha, has maintained a Michelin star for 9 of it’s 10 years of existence. So here I was to enjoy my evening, which opened its doors recently in the Bandra-Kurla Complex, is poised at every angled artifice to extract big bucks.



At the bar, a long, high table from which you may survey the dining area. Candle lit tables, silver plates just added to the ambiance!! The services provided by all the staff members was astounding. They took care of our comfort and taste.


The best share was that they made sure we were enjoying our meal and the manager personally came up and asked whether we were relishing our meal. Something you don’t find it anywhere!!!


Tea house, patisserie, Chinese kitchen, cocktail bar and winery – there really isn’t anything missing from Yauatcha and it doesn’t fall short of the mark on any one of these five dimensions. The ambiance is brilliant, bringing glamorous city dwellers – both young and old – together.



Tan Cha and Yam Sing festival. The décor, the setting and the services offered to us were startling. So I started with dim sums as Yauatcha is known for dim sums. I opted for the set menu which consisted of vegetarian and non-vegetarian.


The set menu had Veg Shanghai Dumplings, Chicken & Prawns Dumplings, Wrap Chicken Dumpling, Chicken char sui bun and Sesame prawn toast along with the famous Pot of jasmine tea cocktails mock tails and win like Lime Kiwi Iced Tea, signature drink Lalu, Sha la la, Ginger martini and Sula Shiraz dindori glass of wine.


These Dim sums are something new to me, thought they are the same as that of momos. There are few varieties of Dim-sums with unique taste, those dim-sums were not only steamed but also baked and fried. First we were served with dim-sums and we were also guided to hold and eat with Chopstick, a good experience.



Starting with dumplings they are ineffably appealing and enchanting. Be it the vegetarian or non-vegetarian dumpling, both are variegated. The Veg shanghai dumpling -a soft tasty filling of minced vegetables with variety of sauces.


The chicken and prawns dim sums- minced chicken and prawns blended with sugar, salt, sesame oil and potato starch. Stuffed mixture in the wanton skin and steamed.



The sesame prawn toast appeared in an inventive format – a whole prawn surrounded by more prawn meat, deep fried in a ball and then once again on a slice of sesame toast. The toast was crunchy and the prawn was light, bouncy and packed with sweet shellfish-y flavour.


Chicken char sui bun was sweet, filled with mildly spiced chicken and the dough in the outer portion is softly steamed. My favorite among all these varieties. Chicken char sui bun is believe to be had along with Jasmine tea so that the jasmine aroma of the tea gets coalesced with the caramelized flavor of the chicken bun.


The pied drinks were fervid to me. The innovations added to the drinks were really riveting. The varieties of cocktails, mock tails and wine were variegated. Sweet and rejuvenating with good presentation made it oligoleptic.

There is a fallacy about the place being expensive, clearly it’ s a misnomer. The authentic Chinese food, the dessert platter and drinks are in no way over-priced.  And the food… Well, just wait till you have it.



Review Credit – Chandni

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