The Big Burger Trail by WowTables

WowTables, a premier web portal providing custom dining experiences in association with the top restaurants, recently organized The Big Burger Trail in Delhi. Partnered by Gastronomica (GK I), Market Café (Khan Market), Barcelos (Khan Market) and Maquina (HKV) for the food, Miller for the beverages and Mega Cabs for the travel, this was a luxury event to enjoy a variety of burgers and loads of beer which being chauffeured by Mega Cabs!

The feast started at Gastronomica in GK I – a decently large space & interior – outer seating – this is – where a slider of Falafel (veg.) or Wasabi Chicken (non veg.) burger was served with cheese fries. The fried were crispy and fresh – the cheese was very less. The burger though good in itself, had too much of wasabi and mayonnaise, overpowering the well done chicken, which was delicious when eaten separately. A chilled pint of Miller was all that could work as icing on the cake!





From there, we made way to Market Café in Khan Market, chauffeured in the Mega Cabs that were with us for the entire duration. Got to taste the Crispy Chicken Slider, a side of onion rings and of course, another pint of Miller beer. The patty was no doubt crispy, but lacked the flavors we were expecting.


Next stop was made at Barcelos, again in Khan Market. Famous for its red and black burgers, Barcelos is burger lover’s heaven. We had the option of choosing a red or a black burger, along with fries on the site and a chilled pint of Miller beer. The burgers were amazing – soft buns, perfectly spiced patties with the right condiments – this became everyone’s favorite right away. The chilled beer helped in balancing the heat of the burgers – a perfect partner!



Almost full having so many burgers, we made way to Maquina in Hauz Khas Village. Being a Friday & us being high on alcohol, the best thing was being driven around in the Mega Cabs – what a relief. Maquina is a lovely hangout place and as we entered we saw huge crowd drinking and dancing to the foot tapping music playing inside. The Johnny Walker Burger made its way to our plates with bottles of beer in company. The burgers were good again – soft buns and a flavorful patty with the right set of condiments – and fries on the side.



With our stomachs full to the brim and beer in our veins by now, it was time to say good bye to the ultimate burger experience. We left with happy hearts and an addition of a few kilos to our bodies – but then it was a day to indulge!

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Review Credit – Abhik

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