Triveni Sarees – Hands On Saree Draping Workshop

From the Diamond capital of India Surat, comes a 30 year old family run business of Mr Giridhar Saraf. I was invited by the second generation of the Saraf family member, Arvind Saraf a kind gentlemen very soft spoken yet very enthusiastic about a product that has sole interests of women. His prior extensive experience makes me wonder how a guy with a PhD in electrical engineering could be at a Triveni saree workshop. A Dipsite, IITian (Kanpur) and an MIT return smiles with warmth and goes onto to give us the core values of Triveni and thus begins a wonderful tale about Triveni sarees, with its well defined Vision and Mission. The core values being Grace. Dignity. Identity, the 3 main characteristics of the whole 9 yards comes into form as the myriad sarees came alive in front of us. Each and every product has a story of its own.

Triveni Saree bloggers meet

Hence when you pick it up you not only pick up a saree you pick up a thought, an imagination made into reality. The designer Shalini Raj very carefully explains to us the product, its material, color combination, patterns used and ends by giving us one of her shy smiles and very aptly saying “Sarees are ethnic no matter how modern you make it, its origin makes it ethnic and I love ethnic designs”. A young NIFT graduate with stars in her eyes has done a wonderful job of creating a balance between traditional and contemporary style. When asked which is her favorite amongst all her designs she without a doubt said they are all her favorite. As I pondered from one saree to another I saw the extensive use of creatively infusing innovative designs with traditional patterns. Each saree made a statement, each signature carried two meanings as ‘strong yet tender; Classy yet contemporary; graceful yet vital’ as no woman in a Saree can ever be defined with just a single word.

Triveni Saree bloggers meet

Triveni Sarees has been able to classify its sarees into Casual Printed, Party Wear, Festive Wear, Office Wear, Traditional Wear and wedding Wear for ease in selection. Triveni has 3 offices in Surat but its only a few clicks away on making it available globally. Triveni’s global outreach is quite evident because of the enriched entrepreneurial experience and business exposure with Google India of Mr Arvind Saraf.

As far as the pricing goes, we were cleverly tricked into a game of guess the ranges; we failed miserably as we all ended up over pricing almost all the collections. I can very happily conclude that the price range of Triveni can be described as ‘Affordable luxury’ and its price range is such that once at the store or on the website hardly would anyone would leave empty handed.

Shalini Raj then went ahead and showed us some real classy and chic ways to drape a saree which also included the latest version carried on screen by Sonam Kapoor, the dhoti style which as per Shalini will look best when worn over leather tights or denims.

Triveni Saree bloggers meet

Triveni Saree bloggers meet

Triveni sarees is currently into Corporate partnerships, where in they have sarees with company logos. A new customized approach to offering deals to companies. It is also involved in Campus Activities in which they explain all the backend activities of Saree manufacturing and how Triveni works through a network of more than 100 wholesalers. Last but not the least Triveni has an Ambassador program wherein their reach is global as one of its brand ambassador is in Columbia she went to various Cannes festival wearing a Triveni Saree, Triveni promotes them by encouraging brand ambassadors to host workshops which in turn encourage women all over the world to explore the 9 yard wonder.

A little tete-a-tete with our young designer Shalini, I got to know her personal preference for her wedding attire to be in future as a tri color combination of Red, Orange and cream and in terms of design she showed me a beautiful jacket lehenga. Watching her come alive while she sweetly described the attire ensemble I could only feel that with a little more confidence her designs will have only have the sky as her limit. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Triveni Saree bloggers meet

Triveni Saree bloggers meet

Last but not at all the least, Triveni has 3 more segments that give it a cutting edge advantages with amazing online presence as they offer:

  • : Shilp Kala where the main focus is hand work.
  • , which has the signature designer wear with the added advantage of more customization. A wonderful boutique experience.
  • is collection of soft furnishings for your home.



Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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