Restaurant Review: Café INXS, Bangalore

Amidst the bustling city of Bangalore, there stands a very vibrant and inviting place, Café INXS, a European lounge dedicated to healthy eating and promotes the use of natural ingredients to make stunning fares. This place, inaugurated by the world famous actress Mrs. Sridevi, includes her favorite dish along with other delicacies. The newly introduced Indo European cuisine has lip-smacking dishes very adaptable to the Indian palate yet maintaining the European flavors.




The Amuse Bouche consisted of long slices of fresh carrots and cucumber along with a mayonnaise dip. The dip was an amalgamation of mayonnaise and other hot sauces.


For the appetizers we had Grilled Fish with Char Grilled Vegetables, Chicken Ala Cube and Paneer, Bell Pepper, Onion and skewers.

Boneless Basa fish was cooked to perfection and the juices were still allowed to flow across the fish when cut. This soft, butter tossed grilled fish was coated in mixed European herbs that brought out the right flavors from the fish. This was accompanied with a beautiful fresh salad of onion and tomato and sautéed baby corn, yellow and green zucchini.


Paneer, Bell Pepper, Onion skewers, a part of their Indo European Cuisine, in which medium size rectangular blocks of the vegetables and Paneer are marinated in amazing European spices and grilled just enough to retain the softness of the Paneer and crunchiness of the veggies.


Chicken Ala Cube was very rich, spicy, tangy and sweet chunks of chicken cooked in white wine, garlic, chilli flakes and olive oil. This balances out for the subtle taste of fish and paneer skewers. The pan tossed veggies like baby corn and zucchini were a companion of this yummy chicken.


The Salad Course consisted of Chicken and Pineapple salad which had slices of char grilled chicken and pineapple along with lettuce and chilli flakes. The chicken was grilled just right and the taste of charred chicken went very well with the sweetness of Pineapples which were half cooked yet very crunchy. The bland leafy flavor of the lettuce was the right background to this luscious dish.


The Chicken Basil Soup was the star of the day. Creamy, garlic-y, thick soup, it had small chunks of chicken just enough to accommodate a couple in one sip. This soup came with a garlic bread, almost as crunchy as a biscotti and smothered with butter.


To wash it down, we had a few juices in the meanwhile, like Carrot and Ginger juice, Water Melon juice and Fresh Orange. The carrot and ginger was a very mildly sweet juice with hints of ginger. The fresh orange was sweet and tangy balancing each other.



For main course we had a couple biryanis which was another part of the Indo European cuisine. We had a Mediterranean Biryani and a Chicken Biryani. The idea of the Mediterranean Biryani was very well executed, where there were pan tossed herbed veggies along with fragrant rice. The Chicken Biryani had a very nice gravy combined with beautifully cooked rice. These were accompanied with Raita which went extremely well with the Biryanis.


They also offer various cut fruits with or without ice cream and chocolate sauce, for dessert which I think is a perfect end to a good meal, no excess sugar and no add on calories, also being very healthy.

Location: Address: 36, 2nd main road Vyalikaval, Bangalore, Karnataka 560003

Phone:098450 02024



Review Credit: Shwetha

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