Restaurant Review – Xiao Chi, Westin Sohna Resort

The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa is one the premium weekend getaway resort in NCR. An hour’s drive from Gurgaon (in ideal traffic conditions), the approach roads, though not in the best of conditions, serve the very purpose of having a resort in a tranquil location like this – away from the hustle of the city – you feel like walking into nature’s lap. As soon as you enter, you notice the elegance in everything – the landscapes, the emus (bird) looking at you with curiosity, the villas, the swimming pool and what not. Famous for its out of the world ‘Heavenly Spa’, this is the best a person can get for a relaxed weekend out of the busy schedule. We were invited to get our hands on the new menu at Xiao Chi – the Chinese restaurant at the resort.


A see through glass enclosure hosts this previously al fresco place, giving it authentic Chinese hut feel. An open kitchen gives you the privilege of getting to see the food made with the freshest of ingredients. The new menu was designed by Chef Kedar Bisht & his team to honor the authenticity of the cuisine. Chef Kedar does a great job in curating the dishes, and it is a worthy effort on his part, not being a chef from China – and you will agree to the fact once you taste his delicacies.


Starting off with a Berry shot as welcome drink, we knew we had a great experience lined up. The shot was refreshing – apt for the humid day. Minced chicken with mushroom & egg white soup was flavorful & light. I was afraid that I won’t be able to eat anything after that, but that didn’t come in the way anytime afterwards 🙂

Berry Shot
Minced chicken with mushroom & egg white soup

The dim sum collection consisted of vegetable jiao zi – a mixed vegetable dim sum; shoaling pork dumpling – which was quite distinguished; chicken shao mai – the ginger sauce served with this just takes the flavors to the next level; seafood dolphin style shao mai – they were so exquisite to look at, nobody wanted to be the first one to start eating them, but then someone has to do the honors.

vegetable jiao zi
shoaling pork dumpling
chicken shao mai
seafood dolphin style shao mai

Small bites – yunlow prawn, sichuan crispy mixed vegetables were served. Nothing fancy in the prawns but the crispy vegetables were the best I have had.

yunlow prawn
sichuan crispy mixed vegetables

Staples consisted of xiao chi’s yong chow fried rice & hakka noodles – both doing full justice to the flavors. To compliment them – on the menu were hunan chicken – which most people screw up, but was marvelous here; guangdong roast chicken – which an interesting way of presenting the traditional roast chicken topped with Chinese flavors; five spiced duck – properly spiced; steamed sea bass with superior soya – the fish was fresh, the sauce was good, but somehow it just didn’t have the kick and moreover, I would have preferred the broccoli & pok choy served alongside to be a little steamed; sichuan prawns – just the way it is supposed to be, spicy; wok fried lamb – good again; Chinese greens – which I didn’t taste; steamed eggplant – everyone’s favorite. I passed it when it was being served, but then the praises started and I had to have it. Eggplants – completely revamped. This is a must try if you are here.

xiao chi’s yong chow fried rice
hakka noodles
hunan chicken
guangdong roast chicken
steamed sea bass with superior soya
sichuan prawns
wok fried lamb
Chinese greens
steamed eggplant

Everything was great but the limelight was the dessert – baked egg coconut custard. So flavorful – the almonds adding the crunch and the perfect sweetness – this is undoubtedly a marvel generated by the chef. I like it so much that in spite of being stuffed, I request the chef to make another one for me, and he happily obliged 🙂

baked egg coconut custard

Xiao Chi is open for dinner every night and for lunch on weekends – when the resort also throws open the swimming pool for complimentary use and other activities on paid basis. This place has an aura of its own – ample greenery and everything you ever ask for a quite weekend getaway or a day trip!

Must Try – seafood dolphin style shao mai, sichuan crispy mixed vegetables, guangdong roast chicken, steamed eggplant, baked egg coconut custard

Review Credit – Abhik

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