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Chi – has its name derived from the source of life (soul). The newest Pan-Asian restaurant in CP is slowly but steadily trying to carve out its own niche. Located right opposite to Janpath, the place is on the first floor. The place is quite spacious and airy with simple comfortable seating. Done up in three units, a bar area with tables alongside, a dim-lit lounge space and an outdoor space connected to the bar from the outer side (this is yet to be functional). As we took upon our seats, we marveled at how the simple décor oozed out casual classiness.


Pan-Asian is basically a combination and variety of Asian food from different parts of Asia. So the menu that Chi offers is a seamless blend of Asian cuisines keeping in mind of both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates. As we were there to try out their menu, we were provided with a tasting menu. The tasting menu consisted of samples of the dishes. I must say, the menu was quite thought-provoking– be it the portions or be it the sequence of serving each of the items. Thanks to the management for providing such an efficient and exciting tasting menu. Coz most of the time, starters fill you up but here after the starters, one still whole heartedly wanted to try out the main course.

Chi Asian Cookhouse, Janapth (3)
The lovely bar
Chi Asian Cookhouse, Janapth (2)

The food trail started with mocktails – Buddha’s Palm – The hottest cooler on their list. It’s a fine muddle of fresh oranges, triple sec and kaffir limes. This one is freshness personified. Beijing MartiniCranberry juice, balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper. Doesn’t it sound interesting? It is exciting if you like a little kick in your drink. This drink is a must try.

Buddha’s Palm
Beijing Martini
Tokyo Cobbler
Thai Caiprioska

The Tasting menu consisted of soups, skewers, pancakes & rolls, the main course and the dessert.

Chiang Mai Glass noodles soup (Veg/Non-Veg) – Glass noodles are mainly used in Thai cuisine for preparing salads or soups. The non-veg soup was delicate chowder of fresh vegetables, chicken and glass noodles.

Chiang Mai Glass noodles soup

Ho Chi Minh Chicken SatayA Vietnamese dish served with chilly and lime leaf giving out a hint of peanuts, it was delicious. Cha Ca Thang – Soft fish seasoned with turmeric & dill. Crispy to the taste, and left wanting for more.

Ho Chi Minh Chicken Satay
Cha Ca Thang

Goi Cuan Chay (veg/prawn)Fresh rice paper rolls with prawns in the non-veg one and vegetables & shitake mushrooms for the veg. This was delightful to have and it was served with a peanut relish.

Goi Cuan Chay

Banana Leaf with Sticky Rice & Minced Chicken Minced chicken with sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf, this one was served hot, the aroma being appeasing, you have to taste it, must try.

Banana Leaf with Sticky Rice & Minced Chicken

Fish with Thai Curry PasteA red Thai curry served with fish, full of flavors. If you have a liking for Thai curry, this is going be your loved one! Tofu Tausi – A black bean delight for tofu fans, we didn’t quite enjoy the texture though and it was simple and bland. Cheung Fun – Prawn Cheung fun was fun to have. A crispy prawn dumpling, amazed me so much that I had two of it. One of the best dim sums I have ever had. XiaolongbaoA minced pork dumpling, served with soy. Was good.

Prawn Cheung Fun
Fish with Thai Curry Paste
Tofu Tausi

(All the starters including skewers, dim sums and pancakes were served with a variety of sauces & accompaniments)

Main Course

Cheating Chilli PrawnsPrawns tossed in sweet chilly tangy sauce sautéed with onions. Went quite well with the Japchae which is glass noodles with shitake mushrooms tossed in sesame oil. This is got to be your choice if you prefer healthy food – gluten free.

Cheating Chilli Prawns

Ikan Rica RicaCrispy Indonesian fish fillet served with a cashew and vinegar paste. Crisp on the outside, juicy inside, this was love at first bite! Best enjoyed with the Kimchi fried rice. Jiao Chicken A variety of flavors. Stir fried with shitake mushrooms and snow peas was on the bland side.

Ikan Rica Rica
Kimchi fried rice
Jiao Chicken


Dessert was a simple coconut stuffed pancake (hot) served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and orange reduction. The best way to end the meal – Light and mildly sweet!

Coconut Pancake

The place has all its items moderately priced which make it all the more to be tried about. Delhi doesn’t have good options for Pan-Asian cuisine leaving aside a few, so if “Chi Asian Cookhouse” remains true to its taste, it has a long way to go!

Must Try – Buddha’s Palm, Ikan Rica Rica, Fish with Thai Curry Paste, Prawn Cheung Fun

Location:  68/1, Janpath, Janpath, New Delhi 110001



Review Credit – Abhik

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