Scoop Of The Day: This Dreamy Sugar  Heaven Is Just A Click Away! 


I first heard of SugarMoo! which is the UAE’s first online dessert delivery service at the ITP office where the SugarMoo guys surprised us with a bunch of divine treats.

I never actually believed that this whole dessert craving fix at the click of a button was a real thing a it sounded way too awesome to be true.
So, I logged on and was pleasantly surprises to see an extensive menu of freshly baked cookies, tarts, pies and a host of cheesecakes along with a new invention called Cupookie– a scrumptious cupcakey cookie.

Okie. First up…everything was packed beautifully and arrived looking very festive and pretty.

The Chocolate Chip cookie was actually three gooey cookies layered to form one perfect dessert.

The YOLO bar was a fudgey brownie topped with marshmallows, snickers, caramel and chocolate sauce topped with another brownie! YOLO indeed!

Some of my favorites were…

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