Restaurant Review: Noodle Play, Carter Road, Mumbai

If you’re looking for a flavourful and filling chinese meal, you need not look any further. Noodle play, located a little off Carter Road in Bandra specializes in home delivery of neatly packed tasty food. On having a bad experience the first time, Mr Hitesh took personal attention to rectify the situation. He graciously requested us to sample their new and improvised menu and sent some of their new dishes home.


I specifically appreciate the attention to detail given to the packing. Hygiene and quality are of key importance to Hitesh.

To sample the menu we were sent the Thai Chilly Basil Rice, Burnt Chilly Garlic Noodles,Black Pepper Chicken Dry and Paneer Sapo.

The Chilly Basil Rice was very flavourful and was exuberant with delicately diced vegetables and star anise.


The Noodles were delicious. Served with a generous portion of chicken and vegetables these noodles were ‘Spicy’, just as the name suggests and had a strong hit of garlic. Being a garlic lover, it worked very well for me. Id like to mention, that both of them are spicy and must be ordered only if you can handle the heat, else order the regular ones.


I particularly enjoyed the Black Pepper Chicken. Part sweet and part spicy it makes for a great starter.


I found the Paneer Sapo a real let down. Although the quality of Paneer used was wonderful, the gravy was oily and tasted like a strange cross between Indian and Chinese. I wouldn’t recommend this dish.


My favourite was the addition of the fortune cookie. We hardly get to see any of these now a days and these ones were truly delicious. Although I loved how the cookies tasted, I missed actually reading my fortune! I hope they soon start putting some fortune or words of caution in place of the promotional message.


Overall I’d say the food is good and everything is well priced. The portions are generous and make the money spent more than worth it. I wouldn’t call the food authentic but I’d gladly call it tasty. Id definitely recommend this place to everyone looking for a good deal. They have three outlets and lots of wonderful promotions and deals, so hurry and order in today!




Review credit- Sanskaara Lalwani

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