Scoop Of The Day: The World’s Thinnest Pizza Won’t Make You Fat!


Nonno Pizzeria Pic Credits |uthmag | Nonno Pizzeria Pic Credits |uthmag |

The guys at Nonno, an all new Business Bay pizzeria were kind enough to send way too many pizzas to the ITP Publishing Office when they first launched ‘The World’s Thinnest Pizza’  two months ago which is when I first heard of them.

From Bussola to Flippin’ to 800 Pizza to Red Tomato and my favorite N..K..D ( or should I say Freedom Pizza) I’ve tried it all and I can very  proudly say that just looking at the menu can tell me so much about the skill that the chefs employ and the potential pitfalls that their Italian pie might succumb to.

With Nonno, the menu was such a delightful change from the ordinary with very inventive pizza topping combinations and a bunch of hilarious pizza names.

First up, I ordered the NONNO TV from their ‘Eco Fashion Salad’ collection…

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