Mediterranean Bliss: The Beer Cafe launches themed outlet in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

1-Taba Chake performing at the launch of The Beer Cafe, HKV

On the 11th of July, a rainy Saturday afternoon, I walked upto the newest addition at Hauz Khas Village, The Beer Café.

Located right on the main lane in the village, Beer café is hard to miss!

This newest outlet of The Beer Café, is the first of it’s kind. It has the perfect blend of a modern café setting and European charm.

The blue interiors with a comfortable homely feel, inspired by the blue Aegean Sea, Turkish Bazaars and a hint of French Fashion has a very homely and comfortable feel to it. Not to mention, this is the only Beer Café among the 23 that already exist in NCR that has not stuck to the typical yellow décor we see and are frankly quite bored of at every other beer café.


As I walked in, and saw a big punch bowl full of Sangria, I was quite thrilled!

The event, intended to be sundowner party was easily one of the most fun openings I’ve been to. Yes, It was raining cats and dogs and the traffic was a nuisance but everything was carried out quite smoothly.


There were a few beer options, some sangria and a variety of cocktails to chose from. To go with this, and also to keep from slipping in the rain after having binged on our favourite beer, there was enough food to take out pick from. From a live pasta counter, to shawarmas to fish fry.


The food was divine! The fact that the Beer Café also has terrace seating is definitely a MAJOR plus point and I see it getting a lot of business. The terrace seating also gave us the chance to enjoy our evening and it was a nice and fun way to meet new people.

My personal favourite was the Estrella Damm , a Spanish beer and go with that, the Greek Fish Bites, A Beer Café Special!



Review Credit: Diksha Varma

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