Amol Palekar’s ‘Ek Nayi Umeed: Roshni’ on Life OK


The media preview of Ek Nayi Ummeed: Roshni at Fox Theatre in Mumbai was a complete hoot today. The show aired for the world to watch at 8:00 PM. The show can now be watched on the Life OK channel starting today (Monday – Friday). The show is a medical drama produced by Pulse Media Entertainment. You all remember Pratigya (Pooja Gour) don’t you? She is the lead female character of the show and she has done a pretty smashing job at being this truthful ambitious young doctor. Roshni is a cardiac surgeon and she values the life of her patients a lot and takes her profession very seriously.

I have been a huge fan of Medical dramas like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Private Practice, Nurse Jackie, etc. I was really hoping that someday there would be a well-researched medical drama on Indian TV too.

Episode One was quite impressive. Other than being the director, the legendary actor Amol Palekar also plays a Sr. doctor from Bhopal and Dr. Roshni’s “nanu” (granddad). The show talks about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and there is an emotional scene between Amol and his now deceased wife played by the versatile actress Suhasini Mulay.

Roshni exposes viewers to the thrilling and exciting world of doctors. During an interview Pooja Gour said, “I have a lot of doctors in my family and I am really excited about this show.” The show brings out the emotions and hard decisions that doctors have to make in their day to day lives.

The show starts in London and switches back and forth from London to Bhopal. The camera work is really good and one is intrigued to see what happens next.

Roshini is shown to be a staunch believer of human values and for her the life of her patient is of utmost priority and the hospital rules and protocols all are secondary aspects.

The male lead is Sahil Anand who was seen in Student of the Year and Babloo Happy Hai. He also was a part of MTV Roadies Season 4 and can also be spotted in a lot of TV adverts.

I was really impressed to see Raghuveer Yadav who is one of my most favourite actors. Just like most of the cast he is extremely versatile too.Other than being a part of innumerable films he is also a stage actor, music composer, singer and set designer.

Rahul Vohra is another good actor who plays a very important character in the show. Roshni looks upto him and wants to do a fellowship under him. She gets a chance to impress him but she messes it up big time. She has tears in her eyes because of what went on in the OT. She is thrown out immediately.

Intrigued? Tune in tomorrow at 8PM!



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