Restaurant Review: Wendy’s, Gurgaon

When Wendy’s made its debut in India on May 6 this year, I was all pepped up to relive my days in US a couple of years ago.

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Good to be Square!

A regular at Wendy’s, I loved their square burgers, a treat to the eyes. I knew in my heart that the menu and taste would be very different from US to suit the palate here, but the excitement was still there. We were invited for a review of the somewhat altered menu, based on feedback of the customers – a welcome thing I would say.

Fresh & Real!



Service is fast and the servers always wear a smile. With suggestions coming in when needed and full knowledge of the menu, Wendy’s is doing a great job with customer satisfaction.


Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon Cooler – fantastic – made with soda, very refreshing and far better than most watermelon drinks available in NCR at the price.

Cucumber Fizz

Cucumber Fizz – made in soda, extremely refreshing and the best cucumber drink I have had.

Lychee Delight

Lychee Delight – a tad too sweet but the authenticity in taste maintained.

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola – tasted just like coke. If there was any cherry flavor, it was very subtle and we couldn’t feel it.


Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries – were absolutely fresh and crisp tossed in sea salt and a generous dose of cheese on top.

Baked Potato Chilli Cheese

Baked Potato Chilli Cheese – We found it bland. Felt like boiled potato with cheese on the top. We would have loved it to be crispier, and with more flavors.

Refreshing Beverages


Spicy Aloo Crunch

Spicy Aloo Crunch was the love of the day for everyone. It is not at all like anything available generally in the burger chains. Baby potatoes cooked and deep fried with the perfect concoction of spices, super soft bun and mild ghost chilli sauce – just make it a treat to have. Priced just at INR 59, this is a super hit with the crowd, we were told – and we definitely think it is!

Spinach and Corn Burger

Spinach N’ Corn – The patty is extremely crispy and well made. Another good choice for the vegetarians. Loved it too, but the Spicy Aloo Crunch is the choice.

Cheesy Mushroom Burger

Cheesy Mushroom – The patty was crispy, but the flavors were bland. Something more of tanginess would have taken the taste to a better level.

Ultimate Mutton

Ultimate Mutton Burger

Ultimate Mutton – Comes with a Chilli Brioche Bun, Grilled Mutton Patty, Garlic Aioli, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese – mutton was cooked properly and retained the smoky flavor and was juicy as well. The patty was perfect, when had separately. As a burger, we felt that the taste of the patty was shadowed by too many things in there. My variant would have less of garlic aioli, no tomato & pickles.

Double Baconator

Double Baconator

Double Baconator – Absolute must have for non-vegetarians. A no-frills burgers with 2 grilled chicken patties for double fun, crisp bacon strips for that chewiness and a cheese slice.

Double Baconator

This is as good as it can be. The brioche bun is something unique to Wendy’s and is made by infusing turmeric and chilli with the dough.

Smoky Chipotle Chicken Burger

Smoky Chipotle Chicken Burger

Smoky Chipotle – Assembled with a sesame bun, a crispy chicken patty and barbeque sauce – turned out to be a sheer bliss for people loving the burnt flavor of barbeque sauce. I don’t relish barbeque sauce a lot, so this was lower on my like list, but my friends liked it. The patty was crisp and bursting with flavors.

BBQ Bacon Club – An assortment of Chilli Brioche bun, crispy fried chicken patty, pork bacon strips and BBQ sauce – this burger is worth trying. For people who love the barbeque sauce, this would a marvel. On the other hand, people like me who are not very fond of Barbeque sauce, will find it quite interesting. The combined flavors of the chicken patty & the BBQ sauce create a magic that will surely impress you.


No cutting corners

We were told that Wendy’s is planning to introduce the Pulled Pork burger and that is something I am waiting to try. I hope that happens soon as I will find another reason to try their awesome burgers!!

Decoration on the wall

Overall it’s a place where the pricing is really apt and lower on the side to get good quality burgers. A must try place and it’s definitely a hit with the youngsters.

Location: Wendy’s outlet, Sector-2 Market, Gurgaon



Review Credit: Abhik Dasgupta

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