Restaurant Review: Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, Delhi – The Unified Menu

Preview – Monkey Bar Unified Menu

Have you been to a place and felt at ease immediately?






Well, Monkey Bar is such a place. Built as a gastro lounge, the space is huge with generously spaced tables, foosball table in one side and a bar on the other exudes a warm vibe.



The place targets the young crowd, where people can come along with their friends and hang-out. Having started in Bangalore, with their first store, ‘Monkey Bar’ is in this food-industry since quite a few years.




And that’s the reason they have a perfect menu with perfect choices of concoctions making it a known name for fusion food with 5 outlets – 2 in Banglore, 1 in Mumbai and 2 in Delhi.



They have an extensive menu to choose from and they are introducing some new items/additions to the menu. Almost each of their dishes is named such that it reminds you of a particular place or a food. The flavors are also distinct with the origin of the items. We were invited for a preview of the ‘Unified Menu’ which consists of the bestsellers of each region and a couple of new dishes. The list of options for the cocktails is also huge and we were actually coaxed into to try out a few.




24 Carat Kuber – A beautiful combination of Bourbon (whisky), White Wine and Passion Fruit juice. Nothing that I had had before and it went very well with the food that was ordered. Absolutely smooth.

GT Karnal – A concoction of Tonic water, Gin and Cucumber juice – very refreshing. A little low on sweetness for my palate – which was immediately perfected by our server on asking. Very refreshing on a sultry afternoon.




Their new menu ensures that there are ample choices for vegetarians and non- vegetarians. The menu is mouth-watering and you feel like trying out everything.

From the Small Plates



Mochar Chop – ‘Mocha’ is banana blossoms (very famous in the eastern part of India) – crumb fried in spices with chopped carrots and beans – was served with green chutney. Perfect taste, and unless told, difficult to guess the ingredient. The suggestion was to serve along mustard sauce as well (the east India loves ‘Kasundhi’ with any snack, and it actually enhances the taste manifolds)!

Dal Pakwan – Crispy Pakwans served with topping of cooked Chana dal, chutney and fried spinach. The tanginess taken care by the dry mango powder. Perfect balance of sweetness, spices and tanginess.

Crab Rangoon – Fried dumplings filled with Crab meat and Cream Cheese. Served with sweet chili sauce, this dish was a pleaser and I loved the soft crab meat. Would love to try it again.

There are plenty of other small plates to choose from – the menu is vast.

Main Course

The ‘Rajnikanth Rice’ was strongly vouched for & tried. Why ‘Rajnikanth’ we queried and got a prompt reply – he is like a god in down south and his name gives justice to the dish. The dish is typically regional in taste. Rice cooked with tamarind, coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds along with crunchy bites of vegetables – fried Okra, Spiced Beans and Cauliflowers and Crispy Lotus Stems. A delight to have – It’s a must have.




‘Mobar’ Burger – Black burger with a double Beef Patty, Bacon, brown Onions, cheese and lettuce. Found the burger bread a little dry for my palate, though beef was well seasoned and the taste was good. The burger was large and is a complete meal in itself as this is served with a generous portion of French fries and mayo.



Rasmalai Pannacotta – Creamy Pannacotta with a strong rasmalai flavor. The Pannacotta was absolutely creamy and the rasmalai sauce just added feathers to it. A should have, just for the inventiveness it offers.


Brioche Butter Pudding – Delicious to the core. The brioche was fluffy, buttery, and warm and tasted wonderful when served with vanilla ice-cream and pureed berries. Loved it! To die for!



Overall, the food is worth trying. The servers are efficient and friendly. And people will definitely have a relaxed, well spent time in such a place.



Review Credit: Abhik Dasgupta

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