Cafe Review: Chaayos, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Launch – Chaayos at Hauz Khas Village


A just over 2.5 years old and with 8 outlets already, Chaayos is redefining the way chai is served. They truly live up to their tagline – ‘Experiments with Chai’ – giving you endless varieties of tea under a roof.


With constant addition of new varieties of tea, their experiments don’t seem to be ending anytime soon.



We were invited for the launch of their 9th outlet in the happening Hauz Khas Village. Generously sized, you get the aroma of freshly brewed tea as soon as you enter. Done in all green, it totally contrasts the flagship item – Chai!



This outlet is the flagship store and is lovely – has ample seating – both chic & plush and gives a good view of the market.


The interiors are also done keeping the theme in mind and everything is somehow related to tea – colored chai glasses hanging are adorable and famous saying about tea make the wall hangings.


The event started with one of the founders – Raghav Verma – sharing his journey from setting up the first outlet in 2012 – the expedition till now and expansion plans.


It was great to know and quite exciting to see how the love for tea compelled these 2 ambitious guys to have a chai specific café and expand it this way.


The specialty of Chaayos is ‘Meri Waali Chai’ where you have full freedom to customize your chai the way you like it – a welcome change from the forced menus of other cafes. You can choose your flavors, what milk to use, how much sugar to use, make it extra kadak if you want and what not!

The flow of beverages and lite bites never ended – Modinagar Shikanji, different varieties of teas, Vada Pav, Keema Pav and what not. Chaayos just doesn’t serve tea, they have everything for not-so-tea-lovers. There are Homemade Iced Teas of many flavors, Real Fruit Shakes & Shakes. Then there is the Un-Chai Cold & Hot range – Lemonade, Shikanji, Fresh Lime, Cold Coffee & the very desi Chaach. Hot Chocolate, Hot Coffee and Bournvita adorn the Un-Chai Hot side of the menu.



Also launched on the date is the very innovative ‘Thandi Chai’ – in different flavors. This is something unique for chai lovers – not the iced tea, this is a never thought of avatar of the good old chai. Words are less to express it here, so just go ahead and try it out yourself.


And when do we have a cup of tea just by itself, not in our DNA right? A carefully selected menu of light bites – Wraps, Sandwiches, and a special section of ‘All Day Nashta’ mainly consisting of Mumbai style street food takes care of the munching along with the tea!



We tried the Modinagar Shikanji – it is a must try. I loved it to the core. It is the one of the best version you will get in NCR. Others samples were Kulhad Chai, Lemon Grass Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Mirchi Chai and others. Keema Pav, Vada Pav and other snacks made rounds and were a good company for the tea and drinks.


A blind tea tasting was organized where everyone was given 4-5 different kinds of tea and were supposed to guess the spices used. A surprise gift was there. I found out the good way – got all right – a coupon worth ₹ 2000 – redeemable at any Chaayos outlet – way to go !!



A cute parting gift was there was all – these stylish tea boxes – Adrak Tulsi and Masala flavored. To be enjoyed for the days to come. We came back with great memories and many more reasons to go back again.

Location: Chaayos at Hauz Khaz Village



Review Credit: Abhik Dasgupta

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