Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin Causes Indian Social Media Meltdown

It was just another normal Wednesday evening for patrons of SummerHouse Cafe in New Delhi, Hauz Khas Village, until the lead singer of Coldplay decided to go up on stage and sing.  While most of Delhi headed home thought it was just another uneventful Wednesday, a few lucky ones got the opportunity to witness the magic that is Chris Martin, in the flesh, treating them to an impromptu performance – live!

Guitar in hand, Martin performed many of the popular U.K. band’s iconic songs, like Fix You and Paradise, before a shocked and elated crowd.

If that’s not all, those who were lucky to be there, also had the company of Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto who was present along with Indian musician Vishal Dadlani. The trio was having a dinner  at SummerHouse when Martin decided to give an impromptu acoustic performance, as confirmed on Twitter byVishal Dadlani. Coldplay is immensely popular in India despite never having performed here in India.

Apparently, the official reason for Martin’s visit is more philanthropic than musical. He, along with Freida Pinto is on a goodwill trip for the Global Poverty Project and Global Citizen, a non-profit organisation with the aim of ending poverty by 2030.

Fans from all over India are keeping their fingers crossed that maybe Martin will show up in their city too and they’ll be lucky to share a similar serendipity like their Delhi counterparts in SummerHouse Cafe.

Image Credit: Shivangi Sinha,, Vishal Dadlani’s twitter account

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