Whisky Tasting: Grant’s Tasting session with Rob Allanson



Grant is a premium brand of blended whisky and scotch established in 1887 by William Grant in Scotland. The brand had organized a tasting session in Delhi with their world brand ambassador Rob Allanson. Rob, has an experience of tasting over 100 different blended whiskys and has been associated with Grant for a long time now.


Grant’s showcased some of their spirits at Warehouse Café last week. The same sprits are used in their famous blended whisky. Rob demonstrated the difference between the spirits that are 3 years old and those that have been blended just a day ago. These drinks contain over 60% alcohol and during its blending period they get their lovely colour. During the session we learnt that they get 70% of their flavor from oak trees. I learnt a lot of interesting things from Rob. The smell of whiskey transported me to another world. It was quite an exciting experience.


I also got to taste single malt and bourbon that go into making the splendid Grant’s blended whisky. The almond/nutty flavour described by Rob was what everyone tried to taste. It isn’t easy for everyone to taste and experience what a professional whisky taster would. My opinion about whisky has completely changed since this session. I have now learnt how to taste whisky in the best way possible. Drinking whisky isn’t just drinking it, it is an experience and to utilize this experience and to make it count, one must learn to appreciate this drink.


For starters, you will have to learn to chew your whisky before you take it all in. Yes, you heard that right! You will have to “chew” you whisky and when you chew it, it gets mixed with your saliva. How can that help, one might wonder? Well, it does help. This small act enhances the taste of your drink. Don’t believe me? Give it a try the next time you’re sipping on one of Grant’s lovely whiskies!


Moving on to the Single Malt I had. During the session, I realized how creamy this drink is at first. However, after one chews it, it seems stronger.

Grant testing session with Rob Allanson...

I loved the experience. Why don’t you try something new today?!

Review Credit: Naman Jain

Featured Image Credit: The Guardian

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